2010 Acura TL Reviews and Owner Comments

2010 Acura TL owners review and rate their 2010 Acura TL.

2010 Acura TL (6 Reviews)
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What a great car! Mine is a Crystal Black Pearl, SH-AWD Tech. Comfortable, fast, beautiful, dependable, great dealer network. Couldn't be happier!
I've owned 5 Acuras and my 2010 TL SH-AWD Tech is the best yet.
Had no problems at all. Excellent car!
Absolutely love this car. 2010 TL SH-AWD w/ Tech. Best car I've owned.
This is my first AND last Acura! So tired of the transmission problems that I will not buy another. Heck, at least Hyundai stands behind their transmission to 100K miles and it would be a heck of a lot cheaper!
I love this car. Bought new in 2010 and it's been awesome.