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2005 Acura TL (8 Reviews)
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I bought the "05 in October of '04. It currently has 62,000+ miles. I am on my second replacement battery, my first set of replacement tires and it needs a door lock actuator replaced along with the hood struts. I am taking thr TL in this week to have an engine mis-fire checked out that happened recently under heavy acceleration and did the same about 3 years ago -- was told at that time that it probably just needed the soot blown out of it. My only complaint is the drivers side door has always had a slight wind leak and the selling dealer ststed they could not find it?? Car is hardly ever parked outside so no issues with paint fade or interior dash cracks, etc. It is black with black leather interior and I still get compliments on what a beautiful car it is. Performance is great and gas mileage is exceptional except when my foot gets heavy.
honda and acura automatic tranny are pure junk. i've a 2005 acura tl and the tranny just went out in it @ 85000 miles. i thought honda had gotten the tranny issues fixed in later models. bunch of BS...will never buy another automatic honda or acura again!!!
Purchased a used 05 TL @ 8 months ago & put @ 20k on it so far. I really like this car! It rides nice & I have not had any major issues with it. Love the handling, the style, and the acceleration & power are super-fly! The interior.....I have noticed a rattling noise coming from the back of the car while driving. Sounds as if I am constanlty driving around with an egg carton in the back seat. I don't care for the doors either.... When exiting the car they tend to come right back @ me & slam me in the leg. Silly complaints for now, but overall it's a nice car!
I like it, fun to drive.
I bought a low mileage '05 TL at the beginning of '09. It has been a fantastic and reliable car so far. I love the style and performance. My only complaint is the dashboard. If you read reviews on this you will find it is an all to common problem for the '04 and '05 TL's to experience major cracks in the dashboard. Acura needs to step up to the plate and offer a voluntary recall.
The interior sucks. Mine and many other owners of the 05 acura dashboards are cracking. There should be a recall. It is ridculous to pay so much for a car that is defective. So far everything else has been working fine.
great & solid machine; comfortable seating, climate control, GPS, & audio integrated perfectly
I bought mine new and have 79k miles so far. Only major repair so far has been a broken motor mount. I'm even on my original set of brakes but that might have more to do with my driving style (I don't stomp on them). Just oil, lube, filter changes and that's it.