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2002 Acura TL (7 Reviews)
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Bought TL-S in 2010 with 100k miles for my high school twins. I have put in 5 transmsission for which I paid for 2. Very important to get cooler for the transmission fluid. Handles like a dream very quite, wonderful sound system. m just paid $180 to get a HID headlight buld replaced. MPG is about 18 which is tuff with $4/Gal premium, better now. My son does not trust it for relability and will prbably sell after college graduation. Or I might keep it.
I have had my Acura TL now for 5yrs now i had the transmission replaced at 75,000 miles by the dealership. so far no problems just paid it off. now i have 140,300k working on getting the timming belt and water pump change so i see if i can put another 140k on it.
My car has 217000 miles on it and I am just now replacing the transmission. I hope to get over 350K. I drive about 40,000 miles per year.
2002 TL Type S bought in April 2001. Car #7 off the assembly line.

9 reliable years. Still drives and looks great. I checked out the new TLs at the dealership last time I had my car serviced. The new ones felt bulky and heavy. New design sucks. You wouldn't know if the car is coming or going.
The 3rd transmission just went out in my 2002 Acura TL. Acura said it needs another transmission.

transmission #1 = Original transmission failed at approx 35k miles

transmission #2 = Failure at approx 90k miles + installed a new transmission and shift module and mod to lubricate Upper plate

transmission #3 = Failure at 145k miles

transmission #4 = at 145k miles (if I replace it)

The car has 145k miles and otherwise in perfect condition. At 95k miles the 2nd transmission failed and a new transmission was installed along with a module with a new shift point. Acura said this would correct the transmission problem. They also had a recall that installed a pump that would lubricate an upper plate in the transmission.

The latest transmission failure (3rd transmission failure) could be corrected by a 4th transmission. Acura said it needs a new $1200 module to change the shift points (this was installed after the last transmission). The new transmission will cost $4000 + the already installed shift module would cost a total of $5200 + Tax.

The only place this car has ever been serviced was at Acura. I recently purchase a 2010 RL. After this experience with the 2002 TL, I regret purchasing the 2010 RL.

I've asked Acura to help me with the cost of the new and 4th transmission. Will they??? and if yes how much????
I bought my 2002 Acura TL (with navigation) new in late 2001. It now has 253,000 miles and still runs and looks like new. It has been regularly maintained by the dealer who sold it to me. I hope it lasts another 250,000 miles. It is really a comfortable car and has never had any problems. I just can't see any reason to get a new one except for some additional safety equipment that is now available, such as curtain air bags. I guess I will just have to stay away from accidents!
I just bought a sliver 2002 acura tl 1-16-2010 when I first got in the mileage was 70079 and so far I have no complaints I love this car and I hope that I can keep it for a long time.