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2000 Acura TL (11 Reviews)
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Got my 2000 TL with 80K miles. Put in new transmission at 100K but has been trouble free since...have 230K now. I love the power and handling of this car. Wish I could find one garaged with 0 miles.
my check engine light came on i took it to the shop where they discovered two codes reading that i have misfires on cly 1&3 i changed everything on cly 1&3 sparkplug,coilpacks;and the cly its self and can you believe that the engine light is still on i dont know where else to look,and the shop doesnt know neither? please any input from anyone is highly appreicated,
Great Car
wood grain and leather seats
great car i love it.
I've just bought this Acura 2000 3.2 tl as is from a used car dealer in Brooklyn, they was suppose to fix the radio. Now they say that I have to wait for a code to get the radio going. I have no radio working in my car. So far from what I've experience with this car is that it runs ok for now. This car has 158,000 miles on it and all the lights stay on in the dashboard. I have no Ideal what thats all about.
Brooklyn.. code for the radio is o the back of the radio. You have to remove it to get the code. The dealership told me. Is anyone having problems wiht the selonoids? I just rebuilt my tranny but the heck engine light comes on and they have to replace them.
Body and front bumper with long scratches.
The car was given to me by my father in pretty good condition, however I found the air conditioning to die out at 150K miles.
overall great car!
250,000 miles and still running like new.
In response to cocopuff in Brooklyn: Each radio has an assigned "code" as a security measure. That way if someone breaks in and steals your radio or it is disconnected for any reason (change battery, etc), then that code must be re-activated for the radio to work.