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1997 Acura TL (6 Reviews)
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Good strong 4 Door 1997 Acura 3.2 TL V6 with 195,500 miles on it. Little rust. Leather interior. Power locks, seats, heated seats, and powered windows. Windows bout at 20-30% tinted. Runs excellent overall!
I bought my '97 TL 3.2 from a police auction. I got it so I wouldn't put a lot of miles on my other car. Now I love my TL. Runs strong, body in great shape, p/windows a little slow, don't know if wiper motor or switch is going out. And a/c fan motor going out (will replace when tapping with rubber mallet doesn't work anymore). Had it for one year. My daughter was home this summer from college, I let hear drive, now she wants it. I would feel confident letting her drive it back and forth to college. That says it all.
I bought my 97 Acura 3.2 Sedan about a year ago for $4,000 . It has been my third car and so far my favorite!!! On the highway this car is a dream; I hit 90 and wanted more! Once I'm out of college hopefully I'll be able to afford a 2010.
I love my acura tl but imust say i bought this car from an auction at around 143,000 miles and ive had to change all the computers, replace fan, water pump, timing belt, battery and the starter
I bought a second hand 1997 Acura TL. It has been a great car. I have 120,000 miles on my Acura. The car has had 40,000 trouble free miles under my ownership with minimal maintenance costs. The car gets about 25 miles to the gallon, has adequate power and handling, and great comfort. The body work and interior has held up great. I work on Japanese cars for a living and think these cars are hard to beat. The oxygen sensor is the only component that has failed but that is perfectly acceptable and replacement was not a major repair.
It's been a great car, but the exhaust system is very expensive to fix! The A/C blower went bad after 167,000 miles, and it took a day and a half to change it! Great mileage, a "Tiny Legend" my son calls it...