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1996 Acura TL (10 Reviews)
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my 96 tl just decided it did not want to start anymore. after process of going into every possible cause, discovered that the fuel pump relay went bad( the relay thats up at the top but behind the fuse panel on the drivers side, very hard to find- the relay had cold solder joint cracking, and I just desoldered 4 spots, and resoldered the 4 points, put it back together, reinstalled it behind the fuse panel(where they hid it so you couldn't find it) and the car started right up and has been running great, again, and will for another 320k miles, I am sure (Yes, thats 320 thousand miles on the odometer, and she is not ever hinting of a rebuild, yet. When that time comes, I will rebuild the engine, and keep this car until the end of time! its been the best running, most reliable, and still damn fast, (she will STILL squalk the tires when it shifts getting on the freeway) and although I have been a firm Chevy owner for the past35 years, this Acura is every bit as reliable as all my Chevys were,(which is very reliable). so if you have an '96 Acura Tl 3.2, keep it, you will not find another vehicle that will take care of you like these, and I wouldn't chance it on another vehicle unless you have another transportation vehicle back up. And, my Black '96 Tl 3.2 is the best looking of all the years, all the newer ones just look like all the other cars on the road, but the '96 has that mean but nice look to its front end.
what a car ! bought it new in 1996 - still runs great with 240,000 miles on it; oil changes, brakes and tire replacements only to date.
This ride is Boss!! Cool and luxury too. As with any vehicle, there are some minor problems to deal with but well worth it. Tranny and suspension does seem to be a weak point but fixable. Not as quiet inside as I like but that too can be fixed. Probably with some Dynamat lining. For the most part, a great ride.
My Acura has been great. Smooth, quite car. No major issues until now. A/C went out and I replaced it and still having the same issues of A/C not working when I stop. Other than that, this has been the best car I have ever owned! Has over 200,000 miles!
i've had my TL 3.2 since 1996, and has never had any major issues with it. Interior is still in excellent condition, Brakes can be noisy sometimes. 167,000 mile and still rides smoothly. I've loved this car.
Good car. 1996 Acura T.L 2.5. Only has 144k miles on it. Exhaust manifold system is still under manfac. warranty. Get yours checked out and fixed for free. Can add more horse power. Try buying a super charger. just released from japan as 06/01/2010. email me.
if you have questions about this year and model. Knowledgeable.
P.S. Stay away from all Jiffy Lube Oil shops. They stripped my oil pan bolt and had to replace the whole thing. Of course I made them pay for it. How is $1,100 @ Acura dealship. I'm sure they will be careful now! lol. A+ for me! LMAO! Get all your oil changes @ Acura or Honda dealerships. The oil pan bolt on this car requires some type of washer that needs to be replaced and checked at every oil change. Found out from dealer week of 06/21/2010 (Week of $1,100 Jiffy Lube pay out) LMAO! (smile)
Man I only paid $400 dollars for my 96 acura.... yea thats right four hundred dollars for it and it is the best car i have ever drove and it is very realiable I only had to replace the alternator in it. It has 190.000 miles and still drives smoothly
167,000+ Miles and still going. Great car, Reliable.
I had this car for 10 years and it is the best. I have had minor problems and the engine is in great condition. The interior isn't the best because the leather seats are all cracked. I plan on replacing the motor when I get to 250,000 miles. Only 30,00 miles to go.
Nice car. Watch out for rust issues around wheel wells, trunk, gas door as well as brake and exhaust repairs. A bit noisy on the road but nice fit and finish and Honda reliability!