2005 Acura RSX Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Acura RSX owners review and rate their 2005 Acura RSX.

2005 Acura RSX (1 Review)
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I purchased my 2005 RSX type S brand new with 3 miles on the Odometer. I have parked it in my garage, and I have pampered it, and I must say that overall I am happy with the car, sure it has road noise and it is a bumpy ride, but it is a sports car with stiff springs and the shocks and bushings are stiff. I will say that overall the car has been wonderful performance wise, with the exception of the air conditioning, which is parasitic and when you live in southern California it is a must, and it really eats your gas mileage. Also, the paint is crap, I only have 49089 miles on my car, it has been parked in the garage most of it's life and the roof is a lighter tint and the clear coat is turning flaky and white and peeling off, also my gear shift leather is wearing along with the leather in the seats, other than that, I don't have many complaints other than I just ordered a new battery about an hour ago. Overall a good car, just not the best paint job.