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1997 Acura RL owners review and rate their 1997 Acura RL.

1997 Acura RL (2 Reviews)
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my 1997 acura tcs and abs lights are on I would like to know why my car stalls to accelerate when the tcs system is engaged but when its off it runs fine
I bought my car with 68k miles and it now has 163k miles. Very solid and dependable car, but not completely without it's issues. This year I have replaced an O2 sensor, brake master cylinder and a brake caliper. I have a strut that has gone bad, a crack in radiator and the ABS has quit working, but the car is 13 years old. Only really bad thing was a relay that went bad and wouldn't let me start the car. That is one time it let me down. Has an electrical Gremlin, if you lock doors they keep trying to lock over and over and the interior lights sometimes flicker. Overall, I still like the car and it was a good purchase that I would do over again.