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2007 Acura MDX (3 Reviews)
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I am driving a 2007 MDX with 102,000 miles on it. I went out to start the car. When I turned the key to position 3 all lights; dash, inside, headlights; radio, navigation, etc. started to flash rapidly and the car would not turnover. Also, after turning the key to the off position, things kept happening with the nav system searching and the steering wheel moving into the "rest' position withiut shutting down. My first thought was that the battry was bad so I tried jumping it off. No such luck. I then thought that I would try rebooting the computer by removing the positive lead from the battry, and replacing it after a couple of minutes. I locked the car before removing the cable so that the alarm system would be on when I enacted the reboot. After reinstalling the positive cable, the car started. I am still not sure what caused the condition, or why the reboot worked, but the car has been starting and running OK since the reboot. I have since learned that I rebooted the Body Control Module (Control Module #1??) which often has problems with getting corrupted --- somehow? Since all of this has happened over a holiday weekend, I have not been able to discuss the problem with a service person. I will make this happen as soon as I can. I am still uneasy when I am about to start the car, and am concerned that something might happen while I am driving. At least I now know about rebooting.
I have been very pleased with my Acura MDX 2007 the past three years until recently. I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the engine wouldn't start this past weekend. When I tried to turn on the ignition, their was a series of clicks. I tried jumping the car but that wouldn't start either. I had to call the Acura Roadside Assistance (they were very helpful) that was covered under 50,000miles. They had the car towed to the dealership to have a look. The dealership said the car worked fine and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. We did have this problem couple months prior to this, but at that time, the car started after jumping. I did look online for this problem and it seems like a common one for the MDX. Don't know what to think of it. Beware buyers!
I bought the 2007 MDX in March 2007. Overall the car has been excellent and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It definitely outshines the competition. I have 2 concerns that most people might find silly, but being extremely detailed about taking care of my cars and turning them in practically new after 8-10 years, I believe that the leather in this model is way too soft. It scratches easily and therefore doesn't hold up well to general wear and tear. My drivers seat after just 2 years looks worse then the leather on my last car when I sold it after 8.5 years. I also had a couple of minor issues with the plastic pieces lining the rear inside window and on the side of the passenger dash. They did not fit right and not typical for Honda/Acura. But I complained and the dealer promptly replaced them. I have noticed that someother people don't complain and it appears to be an issue with this model. I also clean and detail my own car (noone else would do it with a toothbrush). Since the vehicle is so wide, and I don't want to have to get a ladder everytime I need to wash my car, I highly recommend you purchase a side step and roof rack to grab onto. Otherwise you can't reach the middle of the top of the roof. I have had no engine/mechanical problems.