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2001 Acura MDX (6 Reviews)
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Srs indcator light stay on why
is it so that you have to change timing belt on the motor every 75000 miles.
2001 Mdx Acura : Just change oil and wash down engine went to take it out for a drive it cut off. What do you think is wrong. Pls help!!
At 140k my 201 MDX started making a weird transmission noise. It didn't slip, it just sounded like something wasn't right. I tookit to an Acura deal;ership to check out the problem. They said, "We don't repair, we replace for $6500. I took it to AAMCO and they said, "$2500 to rebuild." I called up a long-time mechanic friend who in college won the national champianship in transmission repair. He told me to get a product called "Torque Converter Shudder Control" made by and I wouldn't have to call him back. I found it at O'Reilly Auto Parts for less than 7 bucks. My MDX now has 255k. I keep my transmission serviced by pumping in new transmission fluid as old is pumped out of the entire transmission. Also keep that 2 ounce product in my transmission. That priduct ought togoin every transmission over 100k. Just cut off end of tube and squeeze in Transmission dip stick.
Known Faulty Transmission Torque Converter on all models from 2001 - 2006. Only chose to service the 2005-2006 and screw all the others. Badf Car, Bad Company.
1 biggie: 77K the transmission locked up. Lucky me..I had purchased 100K warranty. It was replaced and is running great again. Like promised, EGR valve failed-but for some reason, every car I have owned I have had to replace an egr valve! The motor mounts mysteriously loosened!! Husband said it was my driving!! All in all 8 years old it has been and continues to be a relatively repair free car. Powerful and the rear is larger than most any luxury suv. Quite comfortable ride. When check engine light comes on it also lights up the VTM-4 (4wheel drive) light..this scared the hell out of me the first time.