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1990 Acura Legend (3 Reviews)
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My engine is overheating, i have changed radiator and change gasket and even top cylinder grinding.the thermostat have been removed and the fans are ok, wot else could be causing an overheating in this engine? i dnt want to change this car. The water pump is working fine. pls i need a help.
Purchased 1990 Acura legend v6 L in 2000 for $5,000, its one of the gold color ones you often see in california, it had 50k miles now it has 208k had to replace the transmission two years ago. other than that it's a great car, the air cond and ventilation is fair, but the car is fast, big turning radus, and handles nice, parts are expensive if you maintain it it will last,, it's getting old and near the end of it time, thinking what car out there is similar to replace it? Look under the hood I have never seen such a complex looking engine,wires , hoses, tubs etc.....
It is actually a 1988 model. Have owned this for 11+ years.

191 K miles. Still running good. But the accessories are starting to fall apart (21 years later :))

Not worth much in the market. Priceless to me :)