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1998 Acura CL (6 Reviews)
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411K and still rolling strong.Rear main seal leaks but 1 quart a week maybe if I drive it alot. Had mormal maintenance done changed the oil every 7k used Full synthetic after 100k and still use it. Never changed the transmission fluid or any service. There are several recalls that I will take advatage of and didnt even know about until I came to this site today. Some are money saver like Ball Joints etc. I read the last guys response and have to say he got a lemon because this car has another 200k left
I bought a used 1998 accura cl. I hate this damn thing in a way that I cannot even put into words. The previous owner had to replace the engine at 70000 miles, said that he couldn't afford to own this car. At the time I I couldn't believe him but After a few months of owning it I needed a new clutch and transmission. Plastic radiator replaced twice. It seems that I have to recharge the ac every year. And now it's the alternator. I wish I would have never bought this piece of junk. I will steer everyone I know as far away from acura as I can. This damn thing is cursed. My only real hope left is that it suddenly just catch fire tonight while sitting in my driveway so that I can just cut my losses.
3.0 Car is great... rides good.. put a cold air intake on it n sounds even better. Would highly recommend.. better gas mileage too..
i have a 1998 2.3 cl that i bought new. can any one tell me where i might get a manual on it. some one broke into the car and stole every thing. if you know let me know by email adress "" thank you
I've had my 3.0 CL Prem. for 11 years now and I still love it. 81000 + and still running well. I recommend using Mobil 1 synthetic oil. You will get great cold starts, miles per gallon and less ware on engine.
I've always liked this car.