Q: Reverse Lights on 2006 Dodge Caravan

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Is there a reported problem with the reverse or back up lights in the caravan? I have a 2006 and the reverse lights have stopped working, bulbs have been changed. Do i need a diagnostic test? i read some where that this might be related to the transmission sensors. how much will this cost me?
(1) Answer
There are no reported problems with the backup lamps on your vehicle. The problem coould be in the Intergrated Power Module (IPM), The Transmission Range Sensor (TRS) or the vehicles wiring. It is my recommendation that you have your local dealership inspect and diagnosis the vehicle as the electrical systems are very complex. It is difficult to give an estimate of labor costs when electrical issues are present as the diagnostic time can vary greatly. See you r local dealership for more information. They are best equipped to deal with our concern.