Q: Results of my Fuel Pressure Test-2004 Chevy Silverado-I was told to post my resu on 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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lts and maybe somebody could figure out why I have been having all these starting problems for so long.

-Key turned to "ON" position-no pressure
-1st crank-no start
-2nd crank-starts hesitantly and chugs until pressure is built.

This test was run on a cold engine.
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the fuel pump is not working properly and the regulator inside is allowing the pressure to bleed off along with low pressure
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Check for restricted fuel filter. Replace filter...rerun test. If it does not show pressure with key on then likely the fuel pump assy. will likely need to be replaced.
failing fuel pump possibly. your fuel pump should build pressure as soon as you turn the key. doesn't sound like it is priming the line properly. manual test is turn key and stop before cranking. should be able to hear the pump priming the line. short whirring sound.
if it takes time to build pressure, is a symptom fuel pump failing. does it sound strong or like it's laboured. should take no longer than a second to prime than it stops.
We are going to start on that in the morning. One more question do you know where the fuel pressure regulator is located?
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