Q: replacing main relay on 1993 Honda Accord

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ok,everyone who has told and asked me is what i am going to do first,tomorrow,5-25-2013.i have done a lot of research on this problem,and listened to you alls post.thats the way we talk in the south.i have a 91 honda accord ex,that has been wrecked,and drove it for a while after started every time,been sitting for a while takes the same relay. i am going to swap main relays,and see if it is the relay,rather than go to az,napa,or adv.and pay $60.00 for new relay.i will drive for a few days and then post what happened.found very detailed post on r&r of relay.thanks to all.part #19236 at az.
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hey ziptie12.i forgot i posted this almost 2 years ago,just saw it,good gracious of life?it fixed it.took the one out of 91 and put in 93,still working fine now,241000 miles on it.i replaced cap,rotor,wires,plugs,valve cover gasket and spark plug tube seals,upper,plug holes were full of oil,wires eat slap up from oil,iac valve,had a spare,pcv valve and grommet,front dogbone,when i took it off the inside rubber fell off in my hand.adjust fast idle valve,runs pretty good.gas is $1.89 a gallon close by,so i have been driving it alot lately.i order off e-bay,dont mess with the ZONE.400% mark up.the end,see ya