Q: replacing door handles on 1991 Toyota Corolla

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how do i replace the exterior rear door handles on the 1991 toyota corolla
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With the window up, remove the window crank handle if equipped with manual wind up windows. Remove two philip screws that secure the arm rest. The inner door panel pulls off with car and lifts upwards at the top once the push clips that secure the door trim panel to the door frame have been removed. There is a plastic sheet moisture screen the door trim panel and door frame. Pull back the glued plastic trim you will see the exterior door handle I believe you need a 10mm wrench to take off the hardware that secures it to the door skin. a small plastic clip that grips the link rod to the lock needs to be detached from the linkage and everything is reassembled in reverse order.
Hi. I'm trying to get the passenger door handle out on a 91 corolla. I only have some basic tools and little experience with cars. I've got everything apart except for the manual window crank, is there some particular way to do it? Cheers.