Q: replacement procedures for brake master cylinder on 1993 Ford E-350

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I would love to know the procedures and tips for replacing the aging, leaking original brake master cylinder on my 1993 Ford Econoline E-350 7.5L V8 Cutaway 29' Tioga Motorhome
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Be very careful when removing and installing the brake lines, stripping or cross threading one of the fittings will create a huge headache for you. I suggest tightening each fitting very slightly first, just to break the line free. When bleeding brakes, it's best to use some type of pressure bleeder and flush the entire system until the fluid is clean, this should take 2-3 pints of fluid.
When replacing the brake pads, make sure to use high quality pads, don't skimp here. Replace the hardware and clean all the areas where the pads contact the caliper really well.
I suggest you go to youtube and watch some of the videos of people replacing brake pads too.
Good Luck.
I bought the Haines manual. It looks fairly simple, so I'll replace the master cylinder and pads and bleed the system this weekend.

I would love some advice to avoid any common problems or headaches.

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