Q: Replacement procedure for Derm (591?) on 2007 Cadillac CTS

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What is the procedure for safe removal of airbag control module (and it's location?) The SRS warning light is lit. no collisions, no water exposure, SRS is NOT deployed.
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i strongly, strongly agree and agree again!!!!!! if you have never done this, it can be dangerous! And even if you have, it can be dangerous. I tried to replace a curtain airbag control module on my SUV not long ago with a neighbor of mine who knows how to do this. the bag deployed like a can of biscuits, only 100 times stronger. Are you certain this is not just a sensor or computer module of some sorts? I, and just my opinion, liken this repair with trying to replace struts or shocks without the proper knowledge or equipment. It can be very dangerous. The entire airbag module is only about $300.00, why risk it.
I strongly recommend the assistance of a good repair manual:

This is such an important safety item, and one that is potentially dangerous, that I'd really advise against any home repair.
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