Q: replacement of the thermostat on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

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My truck wasn't getting enought heat. It would blow out cold air while sitting still. And blow out warmer air while riding.My son put in a thermostat for me and now its running hot. It wasn't doing this before. Now i don't know what to do. Or is it something else that was suppose to be done after he put in this thermostat. I wish someone may have the answer for me what to do next. Thanks
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The easy answer: have a professional take a look at the truck.

He may have not bled the air out of the cooling system, and you may have an air pocket that is simulating an overheating condition as it tries to purge the air. Or, something may have gone wrong. Either way, the investment of your truck is too valuable to risk not checking it properly.

Here is a local shop directory for you.

Good luck!
Thank you. And u were right. It was an air pocket. And now we have hot air, and riding well. Thanks again. SMEJR