Q: replaced tranni with used - now brakes not adjusting on 2002 Honda Civic

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I had the tranni replaced with a used one. I returned the car three times to the shop thinking the tranni was bad, and it felt like brakes were being applied. I have replaced both rotors and brake pads on the front and traveled about 6 miles came back with the rotors smoking. What has made the brakes malfunction from replacing the tranni?
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Replacing the transmission should not have affected the brakes. Has the brake master cylinder been replaced? If the push rod to master cylinder piston clearance is not correct the brakes will drag after driving. As a test you could drive the car until you feel the brakes start to drag. Park on level ground put the car in park and apply the handbrake this mechanically stops the car from rolling. There should not be "hydraulic pressure" in the brake lines. Crack open the brake fluid bleeder screw at the caliper bleeder. Fluid may drip out but not squirt out under pressure. If you continue to drive the car you may warp the new rotor.If brake fluid is staying in the brake line and not returning to the brake master cylinder perhaps the master cylinder is bad. I am curious to see what you find out!