Q: Replaced the distributer but it didn..where can i get the o ring? on 1994 Nissan Altima

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replaced distributor and wont pass emissions and oil is leaking everywhere now. when it starts it idles very rough..(.missing?)check engine light never comes on and new rotor didnt come with new o ring saleman said i didnt need it..
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My experiences have been to not use a rebuilt distributor in this car. I have had multiples of rebuilt distributors that have not run properly.
This is an optical distributor, and any oil inside it will block the reluctor, and the engine will misfire.
The distributor from the dealer comes with the o ring, cap and rotor.

If you need the o ring, try taking in the old o ring to a parts store and have them match it up with something they have in stock. They most likely will not have it in stock, by application. Have you tried the dealer for the o ring.
funny...salesman showed me none of their distribs had o rings cause the rebuilts all had a different lip around the top, edge...than my old distrib....blah blah blah i threw the o ring away...would Bap imports have one i wonder...Thanks so much for replying... Im a poor white girl and fear the dealers when they see me coming...thanks again that explains one of the many things wrong with "MY gifted altima"
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