Q: Replaced oil pan, should there have been a pickup line out of engine to pan? on 2009 Pontiac G6

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Oil pump is internal on crank, but I did not see anything leading into pan from engine compartment, is that normal on this engine? Have other issues and questions, but this will give me a good start, and help me to direct my next line of questioning. Thanks in advance.
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How big was the rock? maybe it caused the oil pick-up to move in a way that is now restricting the oil intake.
Yeah, damage, figured that out. Was o ring at top of tube. More trouble now though. If you are a mechanic and can call me, i would appreciate it, i need to pick ur brain a moment. Name is Tim, 18153511221, just need five minutes of ur expertise, thanks.
Fried bearings, can't turn it over, got mains off, wont turn, pour pb blaster into spark plug holes, sat over night still won't turn. Remove rod bearings next? Just update, having hard time to getting to all rod bearing caps, will keep ya posted when i get them loose, thanks again
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