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Q: Replaced headlight switch inside car twice, possible short , where ???? on 2001 Pontiac Firebird

Need to know where short might be at. thought it was just the switch and it was replaced twice both times burnt out in ten min. where could short be?
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I would need a little more information, 1) why did you replace the headlight switch in the 1st place?
2) I assume the headlights weren't working, there could be a power supply or ground supply problem in the circuit. 3) Does the headlight switch fix your original problem then it goes out in a short period of time? A lot of the time it turns out to be a connector issue more so than a short somewhere. You really need to get a wiring diagram and start checking the circuit with DVOM and check continuity with the wires. Sometimes there's a body control module that controls the exterior lighting that could be a issue too. But the first thing you need to do is get a wiring diagram. You could do a seach on the internet & possibly find it that way. But to tell you where the short is? Well, its just not that easy and I'm sure if I had the answer for you- I'd go to work finding missing children. One more thing- if the circuit tests out good- you may want to question the quality of headlight switches you've bought. It's been our experience to not assume electrical parts from "discount auto suppliers" to be reliable parts.
thanks for the response, my bf is going to actually take back the part he got from Oreillys and get the switch from Auto Zone they have on hold for us right now, and try a diff brand switch. We replaced it originally because we heard a pop and switch was rattling was broke inside of it replace and few min later it burned out so replaced again with same brand swtich from oreillys and it burnt out too so trying a diff brand . I will let you know if it works or if not , cross your fingers. Thanks for advice, sorry if not a lot of detail as I am not that literate with car repair terms, my bf is tho. lol Thanks.!!!addendum: switch we put in that is a diff brand DID NOT work at all so now there is definately a short or smething wrong that the lights wont pop up or turn on
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