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Q: replaced fuel filter and pump still wont start on 1995 Ford Taurus

I was driving when my car stalled, the check engine lite blinked just before stalling, could not hear the fuel pump. so I replaced it, and the fuel filter. still wont start, and engine fan comes on as soon as i turn the key?
What could this be??????? and where is the fuel pump relay?
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You may or may not be on to something with the relay. It is located in the fuse box near the battery. 30 amp relay, third one down, controls PCM and fuel pump.

You may also check for a tripped fuel cut off inertia switch, located behind the liner of the trunk on the left side inner wheelhouse.

Are you certain it is not getting fuel? You could have an ignition module failure, which is distributor mounted on this one. With the engine light blinking, you could have clues there - check for codes.
i checked the inerta switch after i changed the fuel pump, and the bleeder valve in my fuel injector is dry when i checked it, but i still do not hear my fuel pump when i turn the key in the ignition.

thank you for the answer, checkin codes today.
You did check the fuel pump relay then? I'm not sure why you would not hear the fuel pump power up when you turn the key on. Concerned about the quality of the replacement pump and/or the connection at the pump. Not easy to drop the tank again, but may be necessary to verify power and ground at the connector.
i am having similar problems, my 95 taurus gl 3.0l would die if left idling too long, wait for a few minutes and it would start and run fine after, i went shopping, when i came out it wouldn't start at all...towed it and it fired up fine ran until it warmed up then died again, hasn't started since. the fuel pump works, getting fuel to the rails, just replaced the distributor with module but still wont start...any ideas on possible things to check, would be grateful for any and all possibilities....thanks rand obd1 and came back with error codes 636 and 212 (trans. oil temp sensor out of range) and (ignition TACH signal was erratic<module/wiring> or spout circuit fault)kind of car illiterate, learning as i go and a fast learner so please use some lamen terms if possible...thanks
Sounds like the TFI module to me; I know you said you changed "the distributor with module" already - did you use new FORD parts? A new Ford TFI module is highly recommended. The distributor would not be necessary unless there was a fault; I am thinking maybe you obtained a used unit that was complete? Not sure. Check for spark to see if there is any present...good luck.
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