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Q: Replaced front and back brakes as well as rotors, but still hearing squeak sound on 2006 Mercedes-Benz C230

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Ok so I decided to take my car in to get new brakes and rotors because the light was coming on and whenever i would back up my car would make a loud squeaky sound so after getting my car back I continue to hear the sound coming from the back side of my car. I guess my question is how is this possible if everything is new and has been replaced. I took my car back to the shop and the guy calls me back and tells me nothing is wrong with it. Any advice.
Thanks in advance
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Brake squeak is something we constanly have to deal with. Its usally is not a safety concern but a anoyence. It can be caused by a number of things. Many times its a chatter of the pads due to how they fit in calipers. If it only does it when backing up I suspect the pad tolerance fit could be the issue.
Unfortunately, many many Mercedes have that LOUD brake squeak when backing up. It is some kind of harmonic vibration caused by the steel back and sides of the brake pad rubbing against the caliper and piston.
On other makes of cars, this can be cured by application of that orange silicone brake pad "glue" between the pad and caliper piston.(which DOES usually work on noisy front MB brake pads)
However, In my experience that silicone does NOT stop the rear pad squeak on an MB.
What does cut the noise way down is applying special high temp brake grease on the steel back of the pad, steel sides of the pads, and pretty much any other place where there is steel on steel contact, including the mounting pins and where the flat tension spring touches the top of the pad and the pins.
(DO NOT get any of this grease on the brake pad friction material itself)
This fix will work for up to 6 months...
I continue to experiment with different types of rear pad material as well, in an effort to finally stop the embarrassing and irritating MB back up squeak.
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