Q: replaced ecm,maf sensor.still getting code for maf sensor.whats next on 2001 Mazda Tribute

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car quit running while driving.restarted once or twice.towed to shop,they initially thought timing,major engine prob.finally diagnosed bad ecm n maf sensor replaced both with new parts.still getting code p0102 mass or volume air flow circuit A low. car runs but will occasionally stumble at any speed,under load or not.also will feel like it shuts off for a second at times while driving causing a violent thump from engine mounts
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you may have spark plug problem. fuel/air mixture not burning off properly. causes a back fire, feels like a thump from inside the vehicle. could also be clogged cat. converter. that would explain the sensors.
shop replaced spark plugs,tunedup truck runs great except its either electrical in wiring.has a prob with horn in past starting to blow at like half volume or shorting,most in the rain.does not like to be locked by factory remotehit button twice may cause horn to blow constant instead of one beep.waiting on shop to reprogram the new ecm again
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