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Q: Replaced catalytic converter check engine light is still flashing what to do?? on 2005 Chevrolet Impala

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Catalytic converter was stopped up replaced it and it runs fine for a little while and then my check engine light starts flashing and it won't take my gas and starts jerking then I turn it off come back couple hours later and starts up runs fine again until I drive it a little while then starts doin same thing over again don't know what else to do to fix it checked for vaccum leak also
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Check engine light should be on! Have it scanned and post codes so we know more about the engine misfire that you have! Ever changed plugs/wires? How many miles on car? Need to fix this ASAP so it doesen't trash this cat. convert.
Ce light has been on had it checked b4 replacing cat and it was sayin multiple misfire detected then got it back and still doin same thing had engine light checked today and its sayin system to lean and multiple misfire just walked back up to where my car tore up earlier and it started right up and on the way home check engine light flashing again and had the gas pedal to the floor and I wasn't goin over 10 mph and barely made it up my driveway it has been in the shop 3 weeks and still can't get it figured out and no I haven't changed the plugs or wires I have had it a year now and the car has 178,000 miles on it...thank u so much for ur input nobody seems to know what it is that's causing it to do this
You had it in the wrong shop if they could not figure out the problem in 3 weeks! Try another mechanic. Or post the current code numbers!
Ok I will take it to advance in the morning to get the numbers and ill let u know what they are asap
I definitely need it bc I have no clue and the shop I took it to said the cat was completly stopped up and that is what they said was the problem got the car back Friday and its still doin the same thing so obviously that wasn't the problem
Well i agree IF the cat was stopped up but hopefully we can get to the bottom of it. I will check back.
Wow! Did the repair shop clear codes after converter install? Was this cat. oe type or universal? Suggest complete tune up of entire ignition system first thing, have fuel pressure checked. PO300 random misfire could be the culprit for the other codes! But we need to know if the codes were cleared when cat was put on.
Ok just found out they straight piped it...didn't replace it and they cleared the codes out and my check engine light will stay on bc of it but yes they did clear them...all the codes that r on it have been since last Friday when I picked it up from the shop
Just found out the converter was NOT replaced???? Price alone should have been a dead giveaway!!! Next time you seek help with a problem give the facts first then you will get better servive.
Well that really has no significance if its still doing the exact same thing it was doing b4 they took it off right and I payed 165 dollars so I don't know what kind of price difference their is suppost to be I have no clue about this stuff
Ok i will give u that but stand by my opinion! Still you need to find repair shop that will be more informative.
Of course plugs and wires can definetly cause this issue. So can a vacuum leak. Need to check the hoses around the pcv breather and others to see if cracks or holes are present. Best way is to start vechicle and spray something like b-12 chemtrol or any carb cleaner on the hose and see if the vehicle changes in operation. Post the exact codes on here to further assist you.
Already checked for vaccum leak and replaced stopped up catalytic converter...the codes are p0131...p0171...p0300...p0420...p1811 they where cleared out so these have been since last Friday when I picked the car up and they didn't replace my cat..they straight piped it
My car did The same code 0300 changed my coil pack and it went away. 420 code was my cat converter n 02 sensor. Already did my maf sensor plugs wires pic n fuel regulator check for leaks n fuel pump still stalls
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