Q: Replaced blower resistor for third time keeps going out on 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

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ac/heat only work on max
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mine went out 3 times also. I then found out about a grounding issue that caused this problem to occur. i fixed it and it has not happend again for a few years now. In the engine compartment on the top side of the pasengers side wheel well next to the air filter housing. There is a small black box smaller than a matchbook with 3-4 wires going into it. There is one screw holding it down to the actuall wheel well metal. I removed the screw and cleaned the ear off with sandpaper till shiney. Also sand the paint off the wheel well around the screw hole. I replaced it with a new stainless screw then covered it all with nail polish to keep it from rusting. Option is to cut the tips of the wires off and put spades on them then screw them down to bare metal. Hardest thing is finding that little black box. Good Luck.
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