Q: Replaced battery and won't start but radio and lights work. please help on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

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We have tried to reset passlock and the 10 minute and the 30 minute nothing has worked. The car would not start before we change battery but lights and radio and widows went down fine. We think maybe we locked it when the batttery was almost dead. Please help us. Thanks
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well i just did the passcode reset turn the key to the past the acc but not the start hash mark let stay there 30min & 30 sec turned back to the off position pull the key out then repeat the process 2 more times take the key out for the final time wait 10 min then you will have reset your passcode. warning to this procedure your equinox thou before was dead in the water with no life at all now it will at least crank up but not turn over when i find a complete procedure to have it up and running i will post asap.
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