Q: replaced alternator & battery light won't go off its not charging the battery on 1991 Honda Accord

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when battery light came on we expected bad alternator, alternator was good added more groung and battery light went off, week later light came on alternator was bad, replaced it, removed previous added ground wire, problem fixed battery light went out drove it about 7 miles and battery light came back on. added more ground again but light stayed on, turned out alternator was bad, not charging battery. going to replace it again with warrantee, but I'm concerned that something else might be wrong that will cause this alternator to not work as well. Don't know yet haven't put new one in yet, maybe I actually just got a faulty one, it happens but I think the problem lies else where, what do you think, please help,
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Did you check the brushes on the old alternator? Same thing happened to me and I replace the Brushes. They willwear out before Honda alternator goes bad...