Q: replace map light on 2005 Dodge Ram 2500

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How do I remove and replace the driver side map light
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There are two types of single bulb dome lamps available in this model: one with a switch that is activated by depressing the lamp lens, and one without a switch. The bulb types and service procedures are identical for both of these lamps.
Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable.
Insert the tip of a small flat-bladed screwdriver into the notch on one side of the dome lamp between the lens and the lamp housing . Gently pry the notched edge of the lens downward until it unsnaps from the housing.
Swing the notched end of the lens downward far enough to access the bulb .
Carefully unsnap the bulb from the two bulb holders within the dome lamp housing.

Thank you, Thank you! With your instructions, I was able to repair both bulbs in under 10 minutes My only addition is: pry the outside edge, midpoint on the lenses.
Over the years, I have left the dome lites on and eventually they died. But when I removed the lense and its plastic holder, I found that one contact on each bulb had melted the plastic enough to cover the metal contact. I carefully filed off the plastic and pried the contact up a small amount. When I reinserted the bulb assemblies and the lenses, the bulbs lit. So bulbs were ok, just the contact was the problem. Thanks again.