Q: Replace intake valve springs or replace the engine 4.0L SOHC 2002 Ford Explorer on 2002 Ford Explorer

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how much to replace 12 valve springs, 6 for intake and 6 for exhaust? Mechanic told me it is cheaper to replace the engine. Having backfire issues and problem keeps blowing a hole in the intake manifold
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9 times out of 10 the reson you broke a intake spring is your cam timming slipped and or timming chain guide broke causeing the valve to be open at the wrong time in which the piston comes in contact with the valve ,it bends it, causeing to much tension on the spring and it breaks,if you had this problem it would back fire through the intake, because the valves always open because its bent ...4.0Lsohc ford engines are junk to expencive to fix,and you have to pull the engine to fix the timming issue,sorry!!!
i have the same problem with my engine and you can set the timing with the engine in the still thats how i set my timing
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