Q: Replace drive belt on 1995 Toyota Avalon

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I have an estimate of $500 to replace drive belt. Is this an fair estimate? Car has about 165,000 miles
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sounds like timing belt. you may be confused. the timing belt is sceduled maintence at 150k. it connects the cams to the crank for correct timing. the other drive belts are outside the motor and are around 100-125 to replace.
as far as the price, it sounds like a good estimate.
check our estimate tab on the top for competitive pricing.

Sounds more like a timing belt and not a drive belt. What is included in the parts and labor estimate? Sorry mastertech6371. When I clicked on this it showed no responses but when I saved my answer yours showed.
no sweat any info is good for them even if we duplicate it. keep up the good work

Ditto. I went to one right after I left you the reply and it did it again. I did not respond but have to watch so I don't step on toes. The older I get the more I miss at times but keep on pluggin'. lol