Q: Replace alternator belt on 1993 BMW 318i

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how do I replace the alternator belt on my 93 BMW 318i? i see that I need to remove the a/c and power steering belts but i don't know how. can someone please tell me? I'm trying to save alot of money and also learn about my car.
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They are fitted with an automatic tensioner. The A/C idler pulley cap is to be popped off, 13mm nut loosened and A/C belt removed. The cap on the main belt tensioner is to be removed and the centre bolt used to take the tension off the belt and removal is achievable.

Installation is reverse

Draw a schematic of the belt before removing, as many first timers forget the order in which the belt is installed.
The main belt is tensioned automatically but the A/C belt is to be tensioned manually using a 10mm allen key and the 13mm nut, tightened once correct tension has been achieved. The belt should have approximately 10mm deflection or at least to the point the belt can only be turn 90degrees.
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