Q: repairs on 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback

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I have 1996 Subaru Outback Legacy, 2.5 DOHC. I am looking to get a rough estimate on some maintenance.

Rear driveshaft needs repair as its front U-joint is throwing some rust from a couple of its joint caps at the seal area indicating grease as deteriorated and joint has gone dry.

Also front axle shafts outer boots are cracking at the small clamp end and right boot is very close to breaking open. May need to replace both outer boots at same time and switch shafts left to right. Front differential left side output seal and nut o-ring are beginning to seep a bit of oil.

Valve cover gaskets may need to be replaced as they are beginning to leak and don’t want to damage suspension rubber bushings.

Need tires rotated.

Lower inner fender splash panel needs to be secured.

Headlamp lenses are faded and need to be polished.

Of course I am working with a budget and am unsure if I can fix all these things within that thus the need for an estimate and we can go from there. Many thanks for your time.

(1) Answer
rear shaft u joints about 150-200.
front shafts 300-350 for shafts, labor, alignment
seal is about 12 plus 1/2 hour labor since the shaft is out anyway.
gaskets are 225-250 with an oil change
10 for tire rotation
50 for lens cleaning