RepairPal Fair Price Guarantee

Fair Prices. Guaranteed.

When something goes wrong with our car, what’s the first thing we worry about? Yep—how much it will cost. And when we get an estimate, the prices can vary so radically, we are left feeling confused and not sure which shop to trust.

That’s exactly why we created the RepairPal Fair Price Guarantee. Shops that honor the guarantee agree to charge prices within the range established by the RepairPal Estimator™, so you always get a fair price for repair work.

Just the Facts

  • RepairPal Certified shops and RepairPal Fair Price Guarantee shops honor the guarantee
  • All of the price data in our Estimator is rigorously gathered and analyzed, which ensures you will always get a fair price for your repairs
  • To get an estimate for your repair, please use our RepairPal Estimator » 


To learn more about the RepairPal Price Guarantee, see our RepairPal Price Guarantee FAQ »