Q: repairing brake light switch on 2008 Kia Optima

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I have checked all of the fuses and bulbs. I was told that the brake light switch needed to be replaced. Can I do this my self and can I get easy instructions?
(2) Answers
Yes, you can replace the switch yourself. I just replaced my switch yesterday 13 Jun 11. I purchased the replacement switch from Auto Zone for $13.77 with tax and the dealer wanted $140 to replace the switch. You will need a flash light, a 15mm open end wrench, and something to keep the brake pedal depressed. The switch is located just above the brake pedal. The switch is attached under the dash board not to the brake pedal. The following link will show you the Optima brake light switch.
I did not remove the dash board. First remove the power connector attached to the switch. Next find a way to keep the brake pedal depressed. If the pedal will not move, simply start your vehicle, press the brake pedal, and then turn the vehicle off. Use the 15mm wrench to loosen the nut closest to the switch body. Turn the wrench towards the driver door, about a ½ turn, to loosen. Now completely remove the nut on the opposite side. The switch is now free. NOTE: Do not lose the larger nut because you will need it for the new switch. While holding the old switch return the nut back to its original position by turning it a half turn. Line up the nut on the new switch with the nut on the old switch. Now place the new switch on your vehicle reversing the directions and good luck.