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Christian Brothers Automotive - Suwanee
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Christian Brothers Automotive - Suwanee
111 Verified Reviews
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  • Established 2001
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great experience!


Great work, very hospitable


Brendan took this with no appointment and completed the work quickly. Great job by CBA.


Was very happy with the updates on the work as well as the estimates.


Great customer service!

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The Suwanee location of Christian Brothers Automotive has been serving the local community since 2001. This RepairPal Certified shop strives to stay on top of the latest technologies and to be a leader in the local community by providing the highest level of automotive repair coupled with the best customer service. Recent customers describe this team as “polite”, “honest”, “reliable”, and “excellent”. This location features a team of automotive professionals with a great mix of experience, ongoing training, and ASE certifications. They are well equipped to handle repairs ranging from tires and wheel alignment, to minor and major mechanical repairs, to check engine light and computer system diagnoses and repair, to state smog inspections, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. Repairs are covered by a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. A local shuttle service, rental & vehicles, early bird drop-off, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are also available for your convenience.

Message From the Shop

Friendly, Honest & Caring. We stand behind our Diagnostics and our Repairs. We won't pressure you to do any repair or service that you don't want to.

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Questions Answered by Christian Brothers Automotive - Suwanee
when i brake my brake lights go off, the d...
It is likely that this is the brake pedal position sensor, down by the brake pedal. There should be three wires going into it - yellow, white and brown. There is another brake sensor, which is brake pressure sensor. That sensor is not tied into the brake light circuit. That sensor is under the hood on the hydraulic unit.
I have an extended cab model 2003 f150 and...
Your rear door has an upper latch and a lower latch. The upper latch is released by a cable that attaches to a mechanism called the rear door latch remote control. The remote control has all the cables and rods for the 2 latches, and 2 handles attached to it.
It sounds like something has likely gone wrong with the cable for the upper latch. You would want to remove the door panel, remove the door speaker, and then check out those various mechanisms.
It can be hard to get the door panel off if you can't get the door open. There is no good way to get the door open. It takes an experienced tech really clawing around behind the door panel to get it open. It can take someone who knows what they're doing 30-60 minutes just to get the door open. Then you have to figure out what's wrong.
The cable is usually not seperately servicable. It usually comes made onto the upper latch assembly.
My passenger side wiper has stopped moving...
This might be easy. Get the wiper arms all back where they belong. Remove the plastic cap from the base of the wiper arm. You should see a nut. Using a socket wrench, tighten the nut down. Put one hand close up on the socket wrench, close to the socket (like choking up on a baseball bat). Use all the strength that just one hand can apply, choked up. If you use two hands or if you go far out on the wrench, you could apply too much force.
Takes up to 15 minutes for the heat to com...
You could have a bad damper actuator. You could have more than one bad. The actuators have sensors in them that tell the computer what position the damper is in. When the system gets wiggy, the computer tries to send the damper full open and full closed to recalibrate itself. If it doesn't move fast enough or far enough the computer assumes the actuator is bad.
Often times the plastic gear inside the actuator gets a hairline crack. Its enough to allow the metal shaft to turn in the plastic gear. This messes up the calibration. Its also like having a stripped gear in a transmission. The motors turning but the parts not moving.
Sometimes it keeps trying enough times and it gets the damper to move some and you eventually get warmish air, but not hot.
You could have a bad blend air door actuator or a bad recirc damper actuator, or both. It's not uncommon to find multiple actuators bad.
where is the location of the crankshaft se...
This will be a surprise! The crankshaft position sensor (NE signal) and the camshaft position sensor (G signal) are both housed in the distributor on this model. Toyota refers to this assembly as the Integrated Ignition Assembly
how to get to the water pump,
What you are probably having the biggest difficulty with is getting past the water pump pulley. It is probably spinning when you try to loosen the four bolts holding it on. There is a special tool to hold the pulley WITHOUT damaging it or anything else. Go back to the parts store that you bought the pump from. Many of them will lend you special tools needed for the job. The NAPA in Buford probably has the tool, though I don't know specifically. The tool is called J 41240. You can google it.
After that, its pretty straightforward. You need the tool to reinstall also.
my van is hard to start and stall when gas...
Could be a variety of problems there. There is not a for sure answer for a symptom like that. I would suggest having it diagnosed by a good diagnostic technician. It could be a sensor problem, a problem with the device that controls the idle speed (the idle air control valve), an ignition problem, or a fuel problem.
heavy take offs

the truck shifts smooth...
What do you mean by "heavy take offs"? Wouldn't have expected brakes or oxygen sensors to improve a symptom described as a heavy take-off. Do you hear a noise, like a mechanical problem? Or do you feel a "slam" on the initial acceleration from a stop? Need more info. Thanks!
over 100k plug need to be chang
Your plugs should be changed at about 100,000 miles.
However, are you experiencing a specific performance problem? Don't just automatically replace your plugs hoping that it will correct a problem. Usually modern vehicles run the same after a "tune-up" as before the tune-up. If you don't like the way it is running, starting, or accelerating, you may have a specific problem that needs to be diagnosed and corrected.
But, if it runs great and you just want to keep it running great, 100,000 miles is a great time to change your spark plugs!!
my brakes have always pulsate, I have repl...
I have a question for you! Do you feel the pulsation more heavily in the steering wheel or brake pedal, or do you feel it through the seat? If you are feeling it through the seat, that would be your rear brakes that need service. If you have serviced the front brakes twice, and feel it in the seat, you need to service the rear brakes.

If you feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal that is from the front brakes. Did you have your front rotors machined when you replaced the brake pads? Brake pads themselves do not cause the pulsation. The pulsation usually comes from warped rotors. You should always have your rotors "turned" or machined on a brake lathe when you replace pads. If you are doing the work yourself, you can go to O'Reilly's or a similar part store to have them machine your rotors.

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