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  • Doug Mays, Owner
  • Established 1991
  • 3 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Certified Auto Technician
  • 36 Years of Car Repair Experience

Bertini's German Motors of Roseville Reviews


43 Verified Reviews
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by October 08, 2012

We are very pleased with the work that Bertini's does. They are friendly, professional and do great work!

by October 07, 2012

Service has been good and Jared is very good about prioritizes the work that needs to be done.

by - Verified Customer October 04, 2012

The team was very fair and honest. Prices were reasonable and the car was done when promised. I will absolutely be returning to Bertini's.

by - Verified Customer October 04, 2012

Jared is exceptional and I feel very comfortable that he is treating me fairly and honestly.

by - Verified Customer October 04, 2012

Jared and the whole crew are knowledgeable, courteous, and easy going. There political view differ from mine but I guess you can't have everything.

by - Verified Customer October 04, 2012

I take both of my vehicles to Bertinis and they do a great job. There prices seem fair as well and there customer service is very good.

by - Verified Customer October 03, 2012

everything done as promised

by - Verified Customer October 03, 2012

I just think customer service-wise, they went above and beyond what they needed to do.

by October 01, 2012

Easy to get appt. and fair prices. Good work

by - Verified Customer September 27, 2012

result of the repair was not final. Still experiencing problems with the issue that was repaired.

by - Verified Customer September 23, 2012

Professional staff, always an estimate for repairs. Job completed on time. They are the best!!!

by September 20, 2012

Went beyond work order and replaced a defective brake light.

by - Verified Customer September 19, 2012

You guys are great. It's good to know that you can trust someone.

by - Verified Customer September 12, 2012

They did not check the actual battery charge in the trunk and 2 days later I had to take it to BMW -- the battery was shot and there was another problem that could have occurred after having it at Bertini's, but I won't be taking it back there.

by - Verified Customer September 11, 2012

Bertinis really seems to know their business.

by - Verified Customer September 11, 2012

Their work is done right and they always explain what is needed now and what you can wait on.

by - Verified Customer September 11, 2012

Great guys working there! Chris and Jarrod are the best.

by - Verified Customer September 10, 2012

My "check engine light" recently came back on and it should not have according to all the work we had done.

by - Verified Customer September 06, 2012

Always good service from Bertini's!

by - Verified Customer September 05, 2012

Bertinis went out of their way for my husband and I. They are professionals who consider the individual needs and circumstances of individual customers. Thank you, Ivette and David

by September 05, 2012

Great shop!

by - Verified Customer August 27, 2012

I have been treated fairly and the repairs have been explained thoroughly and done to my satisfaction.

by August 27, 2012

Great first experience.

by - Verified Customer August 26, 2012

I LOVE Bertinis!!

by - Verified Customer August 26, 2012

We miss Don Rhode, but not as much as i thought we would! Jared is great!

by - Verified Customer August 22, 2012

Great folks that are always honest; we trust them.

by August 16, 2012

Our family was going to Bertini's for many years. The past 4 services on my BMW started with a tune up that kept me coming back for expensive follow up. I had work done on my radiator that began 2 years ago and is still causing problems. I am disappointed that their service has declined in quality.

by August 08, 2012

I feel the cost of my service was extremely expensive ($200 for an oil change, cabin filter replacement, and inspection).

by - Verified Customer August 08, 2012

This is an excellent shop. They are always honest on things that need to be repaired immedately and things that could wait. These guys are great.

by August 07, 2012

good work

by - Verified Customer August 06, 2012

Bertinis is a wonderful shop that is honest and thorough. I appreciate great service.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2012

I depend on Jared for excellent BMW service.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2012

For over ten years (4 Benz's) I have been taking my cars to Bertinis and have always had great service with very fair prices . The staff always tell in advance what I may need at the next servicing. I have never felt that they have taken advantage of me or of the people I have referred to them. Just a great honest shop.

by - Verified Customer July 29, 2012

Honesty and fair pricing for quality work

by July 29, 2012

I was served promptly. Treated well and satisfied with the work. Like everyone, I wish it cost less for a simple repair.

by - Verified Customer July 26, 2012

Outstanding, personal service. I have a high trust relationship with Bertinis - a very important aspect of the experience for me.

by - Verified Customer July 16, 2012

They are always very friendly and professional and I have always been completely satisfied with the quality of their work.

by - Verified Customer July 15, 2012

Nothing but a great experience with Bertini's. My BMW is happy and so am I. Highly recommended.

by - Verified Customer July 12, 2012

They gave me a ride home while car in for repairs.

by - Verified Customer July 05, 2012

I have been taking our BMW 325i to Bertinis for years with good results.

by - Verified Customer June 26, 2012

Good service. Fair prices.

by - Verified Customer June 20, 2012

Bertini's German Motors are very honest, and they do excellent work. Where can you find that these days? They charge a lesser price than dealers do as well, for the very same work. I have had nothing but dependable, reliable service with this company. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Had I known about them when I bought my car, I would have been their customer from the start.

by - Verified Customer June 19, 2012

I have been taking my cars to Bertinis for over 10 years. I have had 3 different VWs. They are always helpful, on time, and have wonderful customer service. They have always been honest and up front with all work needing to be done.

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Our assessment of Bertini's revealed a team of highly skilled technicians and service writers who dedicate themselves to exceeding their customers' expectations. With three technicians on staff, including one ASE certified tech, their team boasts an impressive 36 years of combined experience. We also found that Bertini's has taken customer satisfaction and convenience to a higher level, as evidenced by their free inspections, child friendly waiting room with WiFi and coffee, and a car wash on site. They back their repairs with a 24-month / 24,000-mile nationwide warranty program.We are convinced that Bertini's has everything it takes to perform excellent service and repair on your German import.



  • AC/Heating
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Transmission Repair
  • Windshield/Glass
+ More


  • Car Wash
  • Child Friendly
  • Coffee
  • Early Bird Dropoff
  • Free Multi-Point Safety Inspection
  • Gas/Diesel
  • Heated Waiting Room
  • Military Discount
  • Parts/Accessories
  • Rental Car
  • Service Guarantee
  • Shopping Nearby
  • Towing
  • Warranty Accepted
  • Wireless Internet
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  • ASA
  • Bosch Service Network
  • iATN


We are a family owned and operated service and repair facility,since 1991. Specializing in the Care of Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Mini and Volvo Automobiles. We are a Certified Bosch Service Center and ASE Certified.

We offer a 24-month/24,000 mile nationwide warranty program for your peace of mind.

Our expertise in customer service & quality workmanship is very important to us, and we try to see things through our “customer’s eyes”. We also employ a Shop Technician who performs a variety of valuable services around the shop, right down to washing your vehicle! Over the years, our Roseville Auto Repair has build a business we can be proud of, and we have our great clients to thank for that.


  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mini
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
Questions Answered by Bertini's German Motors of Roseville
what would a reasonable estimate be? In No...
If the timing belt has not been done, do the timing belt, rollers and damper, 2.5 hrs.
With the timing belt off, 1.4 hours for the cam seals.
Water pump additional, 1.1 hours with the timing belt.
How can I open the door to repair the actu...
Not a good situation. Here is a tip for the passenger side door with the same condition. Reverse the procedure and you can do the drivers door, good luck.
There is a hole in the door panel that I found (looking at the driver side door) so, here is the fix for anyone who has this problem.

Lock and unlock your doors with the remote a 100 times before trying this fix.
Spray WD40 in every conceivable hole.
Hit the darn thing with a dead blow hammer (try to jar it loose)
If you can hear every actuator operating except the locked door, AND THE LOCK PIN ONLY BOBS UP AND DOWN WHEN YOU PULL THE HANDLE FROM THE INSIDE. then your door is hopelessly locked (double locked) and the actuator has failed and there is not a pretty fix!

order a new actuator (you will be destroying your old one)
disconnect the battery cable (don't want any air bag deployment)
remove the panel from the drivers door.
measure the exact center of the hole directly above the torx screw for the locking mech. (only screw inside the car facing the seat) (the other two are on the edge of the door on either side of the latch).
mark this dimension on your passenger door panel.
Take and awl and (hurts to say this) hit it with a hammer! Hard! once you have a small hole through the door panel material (leather and cardboard).
advance to a small punch and continue to increase your punch sizes until you are able to pull on the interior door handle and it opens the door (the lock rod, post will pop up)
I was able to repair the door panel using some epoxy on the back side and the small hole in the leather with a repair kit (little hole, small amount of silicone may work also).

The car starts up better after running it ...
Since your car is a 2004 and batteries last 4-5 years (hopefully), that would mean it was replaced in 2008/2009. I would say the battery you have in the car is at least four years old, time to be replaced. On the other hand, check the battery again and starter load as someone has previously stated.
ii thinking...maf sensor, or vacuum leak?
If it is a fault code for a lean condition and misfire I would recommend:
Smoke test the intake system for leaks, repair any leaks.
If fault returns it could possibly have a faulty Mass Air Flow Meter
Ac was woking fine, took to have it wash a...
Like the other answer the only way to know what is wrong is to have a diagnostic performed. If you are hearing the air blowing still but can not feel it, then there is a problem with the air doors or control system for the air door. You can make an appointment with us and we can get this repaired for you asap.

now it runs rough when cold.
You will need to read the codes to find out what issue is causing the check engine light to come on. Running rough may be a result of what ever is failing.

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