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  • Tad Butitta, Manager
  • Established 1949
  • 5 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 3 ASE Certified Auto Technicians
  • 2 ASE Master Auto Technicians
  • 45 Years of Car Repair Experience

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by March 30, 2015

Fast & Friendly.

by March 30, 2015

Nice enough but a second opinion indicated the recommendation was not needed.

Reply from Mark's Auto Service – by tmbutitta April 18, 2015

Hi Maureen,

You expressed concern that we may of made a recommendation that was not needed. And I was hoping to ask you more about that if you don't mind.

I see that we notated your Rack and Pinion was seeping, and the Front differential cover was also seeping. It also looks like we created an estimate for the rack and pinion, so I will assume it was that.

Based on the verbiage we used, "seeping", we did not mean to imply the Rack and pinion needs to be replaced instantly, and I hope you did not get that impression from us.

We rate all leaks on a scale of 1-5.
1, barely noticeable
2, seeping
3, hanging drip
4, dripping
5, gushing

Rating your rack and pinion at a 2, is really just an "FYI" at this time. It allows us to prep you for the future so you know what to expect. It also acts as notes for us. That way we know to keep a closer eye on it for the next visits.

We do have some customers that appreciate this, but then there are some who feel we are trying to sell them something that may not be needed. So it is a very delicate line we try to walk. But we feel it is our professional obligation to notate everything we can see for your safety. The last thing we want is a customer to leave our shop and experience an issue that we could of prevented. It is also very common for a seeping component to go from bad to worse in a very short time. So I hope you understand, and it doesn't prevent you from coming back to us.

Thank you for taking the time to share your visit with us, and reading my response.

Tad Butitta

by - Verified Customer March 29, 2015

Courteous. Resourceful. Knowledgeable. Fair pricing. Good customer Service. Efficient.

by - Verified Customer March 26, 2015

The staff was very helpful, friendly and courteous.

by - Verified Customer March 21, 2015

You guys are good.

by - Verified Customer March 13, 2015

On time. Done as promised.

by - Verified Customer March 07, 2015

Everyone was helpful, courteous, and friendly. The helped us out of a tough situation. They worked efficiently and carefully.

by February 23, 2015

They took care of us promptly without an appointment; they did the estimate quickly and efficiently; they offered us an equal vehicle to complete our travel plans for a very nominal fee and no mileage charge even though they knew our travel plans; they did the repair job so well that the van has never been better or quieter; they cared about us even though we did not live locally.

Reply from Mark's Auto Service – by tmbutitta April 18, 2015


Thank you for sharing such a great review. And thank you again for bringing in that BBQ sauce from your trip. My family loved it.

Tad Butitta

by - Verified Customer February 14, 2015

They have good service and work in a timely fashion for the most part.

by - Verified Customer February 12, 2015

Convenient location, prompt service.

by February 12, 2015

They told me I need to change the brake fluid and it was just changed before I had the oil changed. Didn't bother to check.

Reply from Mark's Auto Service – by tmbutitta April 18, 2015

Mrs. Vance,

I was looking at our records and see that you have been here many times, but we never completed a brake fluid exchange or notated it as a recommendation. We may have verbally recommended it based on the fluid appearing very dark, and if it was recently done at another shop, I do apologize. Sometimes the brake reservoir is stained and really dark, so when we look into the fluid, it appears darker then it really is.

There is a test that we do offer for brake fluid that will allow us to test the fluid. And we do keep those test strips in stock, but due to the cost of each one, we only complete it on the vehicles who are interested in completing the brake fluid service. That way we can confirm that it truly is needed. Otherwise it is just recommended as preventive maintenance every 2 years or 24k miles per your manufactures recommended service intervals. If you have any questions regarding this, or would like a complimentary test, don't hesitate to call me at 815-398-9871.

Thank you,
Tad Butitta

by - Verified Customer February 10, 2015

Friendly, fast, affordable. Extremely comfortable and clean environment with Cable, WiFi, Coffee, and other beverages.

by - Verified Customer February 04, 2015

I like the people, service, knowledge of the mechanics, and the amazing atmosphere the place provides.

by - Verified Customer January 31, 2015

Hands down these guys do great work plus their customer service is always excellent.

by - Verified Customer January 28, 2015

We were traveling from Idaho to Michigan last summer. Had a brake problem and AAA recommended Marks Auto Service. Very professional and personable. Also, helped us w/directions on our trip to avoid Chicago!

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by James
by - Verified Customer January 27, 2015

We have used Marks for a couple years and they have earned our trust.

by January 16, 2015

The work was done just right.

by - Verified Customer January 14, 2015

Very friendly customer service, nice clean facility, but they missed a major detail in our last repair. As a result, vehicle broke down, had to be towed in for more service. Not the end of the world, but inconvenient.

Reply from Mark's Auto Service – by tmbutitta April 18, 2015

Hi Hd,

You expressed concern that there may of been something missed that resulted in another break down and I wanted to take a moment to touch on that.

I know we did recently complete brake job on your vehicle with new pads and rotors. And shortly after we had to tow it back in due to some of the calipers seizing.

For us, we take this as "worst case scenario". In our shop that is really as bad as it gets and we try to treat it as so. The last thing we ever want is for this to happen but unfortunately it sometimes does. And as much as I like to think I hire the perfect employees, sometimes a mistake will happen, and sometimes we experience an ugly coincidence or just bad luck.

But, with all that said, I do want to assure you that we did do everything we could of to prevent that dreaded second trip back to us. In my 3 years here, I have never had a car leave after a simple brake job and come back for calipers. Calipers during a brake job are sometimes necessary, but usually we can tell instantly if a caliper is bad and we will recommend that before the car ever leaves. But the repair went very smooth, and on top of the standard 1.5 mile test drive our techs take with every vehicle, Jake also took it on a second and longer test drive. If there was any indication of an issue, we would not of released the vehicle without making the details known.

So for the inconvenience I believe we did tow it for free, warrantied all the new parts, and discounted the labor on the calipers. As if we did the calipers at the same time we did the original brake job.

But as I look back on that, it may of still been not enough. You are a great client of ours and we really do appreciate the business and hope this relationship continues. So I have placed a $50 credit on your account that can be used on your next visit.

I hope this helps settle any uneasy feelings you have or trust that we may of lost.

Thank you for sharing your experience and allowing me to respond.

Tad Butitta

by January 12, 2015

1. I was told that my car transmission oil was discolored even through the oil was change less than a year ago. 2. The oil filter used by Mark's Auto was sub par compared to the cheapest oil filters one can buy at local Wal-Mart. 3. Too many unnecessary repairs recommendations. I concluded that Mark's Auto repair shop is not trustworthy based on my first oil change experience with them.

Reply from Mark's Auto Service – by tmbutitta April 18, 2015

Hi Mr. Nguyen,

I recently asked for a review from you and received some concern that you had. I wanted to make sure I did not let it go unnoticed. I take all reviews to heart and learn from them, so I wanted to make sure I addressed what you shared, and shed some light on my findings.

1: "I was told that my car transmission oil was discolored even though the oil was changed less than a year ago"

Unfortunately as a new customer, we did not know the previous maintenance of a vehicle so all we can do is recommend based on our experience and what we can physically see. I'm sure you realize we do not pressure customers into repairs or give a "hard sell" experience. But if we see a particular fluid is discolored we will just recommend a fluid exchange based on that visual. We will then leave it up to the customer to determine if they are in need of one based on their known history of the vehicle. There are chemical tests that can be done on transmission fluid by sending samples of your fluid out, but the time and costs associated with it are typically not worth it. And it is very possible that the fluid is discolored shortly after a fluid exchange depending how the service was done at the previous shop, and how old the fluid was that was getting exchanged. If they did not have a special machine to cycle the old fluid out while pushing new fluid in, up to 60% of your original fluid may still be left in there. Or maybe they have the same machine we do, but if that fluid was 8 years old, it sometimes requires 2 fluid exchanges to really come clean.

2: "the oil filters used by Mark's auto was sub par compared to the cheapest oil filters one can buy at local wal-mart."

I am not sure what gave you that idea, but I can assure you that we use only high quality commercial grade WIX filters for all of our oil changes. A quick google search of the best oil filters will show you that WIX is always at the top of the pack. The most recent article I read placed our filters in the top 5 out of the 31 tested filters.

3: "Too many unnecessary repair recommendations."

Looking at your work order, I see that our recommendations were:
Transmission fluid exchange based on its color.
Spark Plugs at or before 80k miles, per your manufactures recommended service intervals.
Timing belt at or before 80k miles, per your manufactures recommended service intervals.
And we also recommend the Struts which are standard maintenance at 50k miles per your manufactures recommended service.

Typically we do not try to overwhelm customers with repairs, especially as a first time customer. But you came in just shy of your 80k mile service, and we did feel it was necessary to give you all the information that we could on your vehicle so you can make educated decisions moving forward with maintenance and repairs.

So as we look back on this, I hope you can see we were not trying to offer something that was not needed. But instead, we were just recommending preventative maintenance. We have a shop policy in place that we do not offer a service if we can not show why its needed. So I do apologize that we did not thoroughly explain in detail and show you exactly what we saw. Maybe with a little better explanation on our end we could of avoided loosing your trust. I know that's something we will probably never get back, but I would like to offer a sit down where we can go through all your concerns in person and thoroughly research all of the details involved. I am sure we would be able to eliminate any of the "uneasy" feelings you have towards us.

Thank you for reading my lengthy response and sharing your opinion. It allows me a chance to truly understand why I lost a customer and do something about it. But I do hope we are able to earn your trust back in the future!

Tad Butitta

by - Verified Customer January 01, 2015

Work completed in a timely fashion.

by - Verified Customer December 26, 2014

They are very helpful and nice, then explain everything well and even show you the problems.

by - Verified Customer December 23, 2014

Excellent service and prices.

by - Verified Customer December 21, 2014

Mark's has great customer service, they are very honest and straightforward, and they have the latest equipment to repair modern vehicles.

by November 24, 2014

Best Shop in town.

by - Verified Customer October 21, 2014

Nice job.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by James
by - Verified Customer October 17, 2014

I have already refered them to people who were happy with their service also.

by - Verified Customer October 13, 2014

Nice polite people, good job, no appointment needed, good advice.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by James

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Mark's Auto Service was established way back in 1949 and has been proudly serving Rockford and the surrounding area ever since. This shop features an experienced, well trained team lead by 2 ASE Certified Master Technicians. In addition, we found this shop to be equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to service today's modern vehicles. Repairs performed here can range from minor and major mechanical repairs, to check engine light and computer diagnosis and repairs, to tires and wheel alignment, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. Work performed by this RepairPal Certified shop is backed by a 36-month / 36,000-mile nationwide warranty, as well as a 5-year / 50,000-mile local warranty for your peace of mind. Our survey of their recent customers revealed a group who describe the team here as: “helpful”, “friendly”, “knowledgeable”, “prompt”, and "courteous". Local shuttle service, rental & loaner cars, early bird drop off, Saturday business hours, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are also available for your convenience.



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We are a complete auto repair facility. Family owned and operated since 1949.


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