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Everett Street Autoworks
105 Verified Reviews
Everett Street Autoworks
105 Verified Reviews
(503) 376-6081
509 NW Everett St
Portland, OR 97209 USA
7:00am to 6:00pm
Auto Repair Experience
  • Cole Blackman, Manager
  • Established 2007
  • 9 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 190 Years of Car Repair Experience

Everett Street Autoworks Reviews

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by - Verified Customer March 02, 2018

Great Shop, super helpful and clear!

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2018

I was charged less than expected for excellent work. Can't beat that.

by - Verified Customer February 27, 2018

This shop is by far the best experience I've ever encountered in auto-repair. I had an 18 year old van that I owned since buying new, and they worked with me to prioritize repairs based on my telling them what I could afford. They're always happy to work with me on getting the must-haves fixed. I'm excited to begin a new adventure with my just-purchased newish vehicle! I have trust in their services.

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2018

My second time at ESA. Again, stunningly good service. Will definitely be back with all of our vehicles!

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2018

Fantastic experience!

by - Verified Customer February 15, 2018

Fairly priced, honest service.

by - Verified Customer February 13, 2018

I appreciated the feedback on some work done elsewhere (Les Schwab due to a weekend dead battery).

by - Verified Customer February 13, 2018

Quick, efficient repairs done by experts.

by - Verified Customer February 12, 2018

I went to get headlight bulbs replaced. They charged less than the estimate for labor--it ended up being 17 per bulb, plus the price of the bulb. They also noticed I had other bulbs in out, so they replaced those with no extra labor cost, just the cost of the parts.

by - Verified Customer February 12, 2018

They were open about what needed to be done first and didn't pressure me on the repairs that could wait.

by - Verified Customer February 08, 2018

They were really friendly and did a free safety check to let me know about some issues that will need my attention soon so I could plan ahead and not be surprised and stuck on the side of the road. Thanks a bunch Jakey!

by - Verified Customer February 07, 2018

ESAW is the best auto repair shop I've ever found to take my car to.

by - Verified Customer February 05, 2018

I had a great experience

by - Verified Customer February 02, 2018

I really appreciated being given a rental car since the repairs were extensive and it took 11 days for the repair.

by - Verified Customer January 31, 2018

23/F: I had a wonderful experience at Everett Street Autoworks. It was my first time going to this shop and upon entering I was greeted by an employee who explained the drop off routine and escorted me to the front desk. There I was helped by another friendly employee who listened attentively as I explained the issues that I have been having with my car, and gave me helpful advice when asked. They then gave me a estimate on when the car would be inspected. After inspection, I received a phone call from one of the mechanics who talked me through all of the repairs, what they meant, whether they were urgent or could be put off, and gave me an exact time for pick up as well as cost for each repair. We talked for almost ten minutes as he patiently answered all of my questions. I am really impressed with this customer service, and as a young female who usually feels disrespected at auto shops, I felt very comfortable here. I will definitely be going back, and recommending this shop to my friends.
It has now been one month since the repairs, and I have not had any complaints.

by - Verified Customer January 31, 2018

First time customer. Service was quick, professional, and to the point. Thanks Everett Street Autoworks.

by - Verified Customer January 31, 2018

Outstanding as always!! You guys run a great shop!

by - Verified Customer January 30, 2018

The awesomeness of Everett St. Autoworks is universally recognized.

by - Verified Customer January 29, 2018

Just great service from beginning to end. Good use of technology to book the appointment and confirm/remind of appointment. Friendly service from everyone there. Didn't feel like I was being sold services that I didn't need.

by - Verified Customer January 29, 2018

Everett Street Autoworks was extremely professional and I will be taking my cars here from now on.

by - Verified Customer January 29, 2018

Best place for mechanic work. Friendly, helpful staff.

by - Verified Customer January 26, 2018

Everett Street Autoworks is the best! Everybody is friendly and I get the information and great service that makes car troubles less troubling.

by - Verified Customer January 26, 2018

Friendly customer service and excellent service providers.

by - Verified Customer September 05, 2016

The cost was what they said was very reasonable, had to have my brakes done at the last minute and I was out the door by mid afternoon.

by - Verified Customer September 05, 2016

They spend an hour diagnosing the problem, and when the results were inconclusive, they charged me only $30, mostly for parts.

by - Verified Customer September 05, 2016

Great service, convenient and trustworthy

by - Verified Customer September 01, 2016

Speedy and cost was as expected.

by - Verified Customer September 01, 2016

Identified problem and fixed it, but they are rather expensive as far as labor costs. There were no parts required, just reattaching a hose (fuel line) that came loose and it was $125 for less than an hour's work. Could have this done for $50 tops at a shop in a less prime location without all the frills.

by September 01, 2016

I recommend you to everyone I know - you always do a great job and you treat me right.

by - Verified Customer August 31, 2016

Incredible. Was traveling cross-country, had alternator problems, and these guys took me in, gave me excellent service, and kept me in the loop on my repairs. They had me going with a new alternator in a day and worked to get me out the door just when they said they would. Can't say enough good about these guys. highly recommend.

by - Verified Customer August 30, 2016

They were friendly and helpful. Fast. Great!

by - Verified Customer August 30, 2016

Great and timely service.

by - Verified Customer August 30, 2016

Windshield wipers I had put on did not work, something first check-in technician did not know, but the second one, when I took my car back, did. Had the wiper fluid filled, something which should have happened when the oil was changed a month earlier. Not enough rain over the month to have depleted it that much.

by - Verified Customer August 29, 2016

Not at all pushy. Very Honest and straightforward with me. Very thorough and very personable. I really felt like they were on my side and looking out for my best.

by - Verified Customer August 29, 2016

Everett is always professional and accommodating. We brought our Accord in because the "Maintenance Required" light came on, so we knew it was due for it's checkup. We were told everything looked good with the exception of the radiator cap and that we needed a new cap, which was installed. We picked the car up, drove it home but noticed a "burnt radiator" smell that seemed unusual. We called Everett and were encouraged to bring it back in, especially since they knew we were headed out on a road trip. Turned out that we actually needed a new radiator. Everett never dismisses concerns and so we always feel confident in their appraisals. Thank you Everett!

by - Verified Customer August 28, 2016

Excellent and courtesies service.

by - Verified Customer August 28, 2016

I had a great experience here. My car was having trouble during a road trip to Portland, and I was worried about getting home. The team was fast and extremely friendly, they reassured me that they could fix it all it. The pricing was also very reasonable, especially considering the comfortable environment and fast service that was provided.

by - Verified Customer August 28, 2016

Very attentive and thorough. Superior service/results

by - Verified Customer August 28, 2016

They are amazing and I'm a customer for life! Their quote was hundreds less than the dealership and from start to finish, it couldn't have been more perfect!

by - Verified Customer August 28, 2016

Quick check in, professional conduct, on time delivery.

by August 25, 2016

Very professional, repairs were done in a timely manner and they were very accommodating when scheduling my appointment

by - Verified Customer August 25, 2016

The staff/mechanics at the shop are timely and super helpful in explaining what is wrong with my car, and the importance of having it fixed. I never feel that they are pressuring me into something that does not need to be done.

by - Verified Customer August 24, 2016

Everyone was super helpful and quick!

by - Verified Customer August 24, 2016


by August 24, 2016

The staff was great in the work done seems to be doing pretty good so I would recommend them

by - Verified Customer August 24, 2016

I've been going to Everett Street Auto for a few years now. They have always been honest, never tried to over or up-sell anything, looked to save me money and they do incredible work. As a woman, it's so refreshing to know that there are trust worthy people willing to help

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2016

Kind, informed, and respectful staff.

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2016

As always, the service was perfect. No complaints at all.

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2016

Excellent customer usual

by August 23, 2016

They were prompt on responding to my requests, got my car in quickly and it was even ready early - and on budget. Perfect service

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2016

I really appreciated that the shop not only contacted a nearby rental agency to get me a car, but rented me one of their smart cars when that rental agency was booked. Thank you!

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2016

I became a customer because my car was smelling, they found a bag stuck to exhaust and sent me home. I had gone to another mechanic first and they wouldn't even look at it. I moved to L.A. for 2 years and when I returned to PDX I came RIGHT back to Everett Street Auto. I never and have never felt like they were or are taking advantage of my lack of auto knowledge.

by - Verified Customer August 22, 2016

Extremely friendly people and very understanding.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2016

Everyone was friendly and they were able to get me in quickly.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2016

My recent visit to Everett Street Autoworks was amazing. Although my car had many things wrong with it, the great customer service I received made the overall experience a positive one. The staff were realistic with their recommendations and kept working until they were confident that my car was ready to leave the shop.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2016

Service was quick and efficient. I was provided a timely and reasonable quote for the rear brake job on my 2006 Acura TL and the other items I asked to have checked were recommended not to do anything at this time, but to keep an eye on the oil level. We can deal with the possible oil leak if the level declines in the future.

by - Verified Customer August 01, 2016

Great service!

by - Verified Customer August 01, 2016

Friendly, reasonably-priced service.

by July 31, 2016

No problems from start to finish. Gave me the best quote, and completed the work as anticipated.

by - Verified Customer July 31, 2016

I have been a customer of Everett for many years. Everyone there is a pleasure to work with.

by - Verified Customer July 27, 2016

The service was great and and all the employees were great to work with.

by - Verified Customer July 27, 2016

Had a problem with the suspension. Took the car in in the morning and they diagnosed and fixed it same day. Quick, reliable service.

by - Verified Customer July 27, 2016

Excellent service on Corolla. When I brought in my Honda CRV prices went up significantly. Wondering why.

by - Verified Customer July 25, 2016

My car was starting to overheat and I needed to get it into the shop to find out what was wrong. AAA towed my car to Everett Street Autoworks where we met a technician who opened the shop early to get my car in. The shop ran a little behind on the schedule but they paid for me to rent a car, no problem. Had my car back the next morning. All great!

by - Verified Customer July 24, 2016

I was so happy that they were able to quickly and accurately diagnose my problem. I also appreciate that I can trust that they are honest and fair in the work that they do. That is very important to me.

by - Verified Customer July 21, 2016

Service was friendly, fast, and fixed the problem.

by - Verified Customer July 21, 2016

Super quick and very friendly! Had good recommendations about what repairs to do now and what to wait on

by - Verified Customer July 20, 2016

In march we had a control arm replaced, but instead of replacing as a set only then single control arm was done which led to the ultimate replacement of both arms 5 months later due to sloppy installation.
The screws to the radiator cover were not returned. When going back to have what turned out to be serious issues with the transmission, the very clear, noticeable and evident problems with the suspension thanks to the shoddy work done in march were ignored outright and/or missed.
I'll never recommend this place nor return as a customer.

by - Verified Customer April 27, 2016

The work is done correctly, at a reasonable price. I have never been pressure to add "extra" services that were not necessary.

by - Verified Customer April 25, 2016

Very convenient since I work downtown. They communicated clearly what work would need to be done to fix the issue and additional recommended work. No overselling or pushiness, just friendly service.

by - Verified Customer April 25, 2016

I had come in with my heater not working and was told I needed new inlet and outlet hoses for $56.50 each, which was surprising since they sell for less than $20 each at any auto parts store. I know there's a mark up, but that seemed ridiculous. With labor, coolant and an oil change on top of it, the total was going to be $230+. This seemed way too overpriced and I decided to get a second opinion. I was told my hoses were completely fine and did not need replacing. My new mechanic was able to fix the issue in 20 minutes without replacing a thing and didn't even charge me.

by - Verified Customer April 21, 2016

Helpful, friendly and informative.

by - Verified Customer April 12, 2016

Everett Street Autoworks is excellent at customer communication, timely, and price competitive.

by - Verified Customer April 12, 2016

The customer service is top notch. I'm always well informed about the condition of my car and trust the staff recommendations.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2016

Excellent service and also customer service couldn't be better.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2016

When I leave I feel like I am safe in my car.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2016

ESA is the best shop I know of. They are honest and very competent. A surprisingly uncommon pairing of qualities among car repair shops in my experience. Rates are decent. Shop is clean. Service writers are friendly and good communicators. I trust ESA.

by - Verified Customer April 05, 2016

They were able to get me in quickly and made my repairs that day. They explained what needed to be done, what could wait, and what services I would need after I hit certain upcoming mileages. I trusted the information, and my car has been performing perfectly since.

by March 30, 2016

You guys and gals always do a great Job....I'm totes satisfied with ESA. Only negative is sometimes repair prices are a little high. :)

by - Verified Customer March 28, 2016

Prompt, friendly service. Super reliable!

by - Verified Customer March 27, 2016

My last visit I received the usual good and timely service.

by March 27, 2016

Friendly and prompt service. Always willing to look into any issues my wife or I are experiencing with our cars (in this case our Honda).

by - Verified Customer March 24, 2016

Always top notch service.

by - Verified Customer March 22, 2016

They are excellent.

by - Verified Customer March 22, 2016

Routine problem handled quickly and efficiently.

by - Verified Customer March 22, 2016

The work needed was completed and I was also given information on future work that would be required. The place is very efficient.

by - Verified Customer March 21, 2016

Always cheerful, helpful. They Explain what needs doing and how immediate the need is.

by - Verified Customer March 14, 2016

Was very friendly and got me in very quick both times.

by - Verified Customer March 13, 2016

They do great work, but this last visit they replaced and charged me for several lights that I did not ask for nor did we discuss. Not a big deal, but not a fully honest move, either.

by - Verified Customer March 13, 2016

Honest advice, quick service. Can't wait to come back.

by - Verified Customer March 10, 2016

Excellent customer service.

by - Verified Customer March 07, 2016

They are easy to work with and provide the best quotes. Great customer service and quality work. They don't try to sell me services I don't need. They work quickly too!

by March 06, 2016

They were helpful.

by - Verified Customer March 06, 2016

My belt, that was fixed here. Became loose causing noise and needing to be brought back in.

by - Verified Customer March 02, 2016

I have had oil changes and tire replacements at this shop. They are always friendly and seem willing to provide me with honesty in regard to cost and need. My old mechanic was incredibly honest and a great guy, but he retired. So far, I have found Everett to uphold similar standards.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2016

I've always had excellent service at Everett Street Auto Works! It's nice to feel like my car is in good hands.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2016

I had an excellent experience.

by - Verified Customer February 23, 2016

I stopped by in the morning to ask about multiple problems with my car. They told me to bring it in that morning and fixed everything that same day. I could not pick it up that day and was told I could leave it there until the next day. No problems with my car since then.

by February 22, 2016

Great and fast service.

by - Verified Customer February 21, 2016

Friendly, polite, great service.

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2016

Always fair pricing, never suggested unnecessary work. I have a clicking a/c relay in my dash when I start the car. It stops after a few seconds. It requires the dash to be removed to repair. The truck has 150k miles on it. The advise I was given was to let it go until breaks, or something else breaks to justify the expense of fixing the noise. I liked that advice.

by - Verified Customer February 11, 2016

Great job, excellent service.

by - Verified Customer February 09, 2016

Fast, friendly service.

by - Verified Customer February 04, 2016

Service was a quick as I could ask for. They even honored an expired coupon I had.

by - Verified Customer February 03, 2016

Great job. I went in for a power steering flush and o-ring replacement and oil change. Found out I had to do the transmission flush and rear brakes as well. They didn't demand it, just told me I needed it done soon.

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Everett Street Autoworks was established in 2001 with Jake taking over ownership duties in 2007. This RepairPal Certified shop has been providing the Portland area with quality auto repairs since it's inception. They feature a team with an excellent mix of experience, ongoing training, and ASE certifications who are equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to perform a wide range of repairs. These repairs can range from minor and major mechanical repairs to tires and wheel alignment, to check engine light and computer diagnosis and repairs, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. This work is backed by a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. Our survey of their recent customers revealed a group who describe the team here as: “helpful”, “excellent”, “friendly”, “honest”, and “reliable”. A local shuttle service, rental & loaner cars, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are also available for your convenience.


Message From the Shop

Everett Street Autoworks, an auto repair shop in Portland Oregon, has grown rapidly since it’s inception in late 2001. In 2008 the business hit capacity at it’s 5th and Everett location and expanded it’s operations to nearby buildings within the neighborhood. With a staff of 18, the shop is always a buzz with activity and life.

In 2007, Jake Hammer graduated from General Manager to owner and operator. Since then, the shop has quickly become one of the largest auto repair shops in downtown Portland. Every day, Everett Street Autoworks strives to be the best in Portland car repair with a guarantee of satisfaction. Offering auto repair and maintenance on both foreign and domestic vehicles to customers who live and work in the downtown Portland and close-in areas, the shop prides themselves on same day service.

Everett Street Autoworks | About the Company Everett Street Autoworks is proud to be an AAA Approved auto repair facility. Further, our technicians all hold ASE Certifications and have over 200 years of combined experience with backgrounds in both foreign and domestic automotive service.


  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts


  • Free Multi-Point Safety Inspection
  • Loaner Car
  • Rental Car
  • Shuttle
  • Wireless Internet

Makes We Serve

  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • FIAT
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Isuzu
  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercury
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Oldsmobile
  • Plymouth
  • Pontiac
  • Porsche
  • Ram
  • Saab
  • Saturn
  • Scion
  • Smart
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo
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  • NAPA
  • iATN

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