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Goss' Garage
138 Verified Reviews
Goss' Garage
138 Verified Reviews
(301) 605-9092
9421 Smith Ave
Lanham, MD 20706 USA
8:00am to 5:30pm
Auto Repair Experience
  • Pat Goss, Owner
  • Established 1981
  • 5 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 5 ASE Certified Auto Technicians
  • 119 Years of Car Repair Experience

Goss' Garage Reviews

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by - Verified Customer August 08, 2017

The service was ok. On my last visit for my routine oil and filter change and tire rotation, I was told that I needed rear brakes. So, I was surprised when a week later, my car wouldn't start and had to be towed. Found out that I needed a new starter. Seemed strange that the problem with the starter wasn't detected when the car was serviced the week before.

by - Verified Customer August 07, 2017

I've never had to return for second chance when having vehicles serviced at Goss'. I've been a customer since 1990.

by - Verified Customer August 06, 2017

Good experience. The shop is busy.

by - Verified Customer August 03, 2017

Excellent work. Honest assessment of the problem.

by - Verified Customer August 03, 2017

On time with their promised dilivery.

by - Verified Customer August 03, 2017

The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Always professional work. High integrity.

by - Verified Customer August 03, 2017

Honest, outstanding service at a fair price!

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2017

Great place, awesome people, very friendly.

by - Verified Customer August 02, 2017

Excellent, knowledgeable, trusted service from start to finish.

by - Verified Customer August 01, 2017

Very detailed in service and information regarding the customer's vehicle.

by - Verified Customer July 31, 2017

The people were very courteous. repairs were on time.

by - Verified Customer July 30, 2017


by - Verified Customer July 30, 2017

Great customer service and knowledgeable staff.

by - Verified Customer July 27, 2017

Excellent and quick service. Will come here for all of my tire needs.

by - Verified Customer July 27, 2017

Oil change at a great price along with car shuttle to home. Great.

by - Verified Customer July 26, 2017

Well done, very professional.

by - Verified Customer July 25, 2017

Very Positive.

by - Verified Customer July 24, 2017

Very good---Based on my observations, they are very knowledgeable and do the job right.

by - Verified Customer July 24, 2017

I bought my car in for a second opinion after the dealer gave me exorbitant prices for some work I needed done. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful. She explained everything that would be done for evaluation and told me the price upfront. Once inspected, I was called to inform me of the issue and asked if I wanted the repairs. One of the great things was that two of the things the dealership said I needed, I did not need at all. I decided to have the work done. When I picked my car up, the receptionist and mechanic explained what was done and showed before and after pictures. I truly appreciated their helpfulness. I will continue to take my vehicle to Goss Garage for my service needs.

by - Verified Customer July 24, 2017

Excellent customer service.

by - Verified Customer July 23, 2017

Staff very responsive to questions, friendly when I called, repair done timely.

by - Verified Customer July 19, 2017

Work was very good.

by - Verified Customer July 18, 2017

Very professional and thorough.

by - Verified Customer July 18, 2017

Great service.

by - Verified Customer July 12, 2017

One of the few dependable places for trusted service. No other shop compares.

by - Verified Customer July 12, 2017

Great service!

by - Verified Customer July 11, 2017

As usual, I received excellent service.

by - Verified Customer July 10, 2017

Great quality and professional work and the staff makes you feel like you are part of their family.

by - Verified Customer July 06, 2017

Very professional, loyal, friendly and reliable service. Front office folks are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Mechanics are fast and helpful. All staff are courteous.

by - Verified Customer July 04, 2017

Friendly service and thorough service.

by - Verified Customer July 04, 2017

Employees were and always have been friendly, comforting and professional!!

by - Verified Customer June 29, 2017

Great service.

by - Verified Customer June 29, 2017

I received good service.

by - Verified Customer June 29, 2017

Customer Service is always Excellent, my service adviser explained everything in detail. My technician was able to remedy my concerns with the vibration from my vehicle.

by - Verified Customer June 28, 2017

Efficiency, Guarantee.

by - Verified Customer June 27, 2017

Excellent service, turn around, extremely fair prices, friendly staff.

by - Verified Customer June 26, 2017


by - Verified Customer June 22, 2017

Excellent Service.

by - Verified Customer June 21, 2017

They explained everything to me in detail and the guys at the service desk were very personable.

by - Verified Customer June 19, 2017

Excellent customer service with good vehicle techs that are experienced.

by - Verified Customer June 19, 2017

My appointment was provided four days in advance. The problem with my vehicle was related to the ac not working. The problem was diagnosed to be the blower motor for the heating and AC system.

by - Verified Customer June 18, 2017

They fixed my struts and did a great job.

by - Verified Customer June 12, 2017

I took my truck in for an alignment, they did the work in 3 hours its was perfect

by - Verified Customer June 11, 2017

Great service, they do the job right.

by - Verified Customer June 08, 2017

An appointment was made as a follow-up to a recent repair. The issue was addressed and corrected in a surprisingly short amount of time. The staff and service personnel are always kind and most accommodating.

by - Verified Customer June 07, 2017

Always honest and fair.

by - Verified Customer June 06, 2017

Very polite and professional staff.

by - Verified Customer June 06, 2017

I've been using Goss since the 1990s and I always get very good service.

by - Verified Customer June 05, 2017

They were friendly and prompt.

by - Verified Customer June 05, 2017

They are organized, efficient and do excellent work.

by - Verified Customer May 30, 2017

As always, the service was thorough and complete and the price was fair. Long time customer.

by - Verified Customer May 25, 2017

They have fixed many problems for me.

by - Verified Customer May 25, 2017

Friendly, honest and outstanding performance and customer service.

by - Verified Customer May 24, 2017

Didn't fix problems.

by - Verified Customer May 21, 2017

They do the work on your vehicle and get it right the 1st time. The work they do is worth the $$. It' s like taking your car to the dealership without having to pay dealership costs which can be very expensive.

by - Verified Customer May 18, 2017

My car(s) have been serviced at the Lanham Seabrook site since 2000. Excellent service, on time, provides shuttle service, very knowledgable & friendly.

by - Verified Customer May 16, 2017

Most trustworthy and honest shop, full of professionals.

by - Verified Customer May 16, 2017

Excellent service, no problems.

by - Verified Customer May 10, 2017

It was awesome.

by - Verified Customer May 07, 2017

Very knowledgeable mechanics, reasonable prices, and excellent service.

by - Verified Customer May 03, 2017

Friendly customer service and very prompt when it came to your updates as well.

by - Verified Customer May 02, 2017

Techs were knowledgeable and cordial.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2017

My daughter needed new brakes left the car in the AM picked up end of the day. Have us a quote for work/parts needed. Repair was done professionally and even washed the car on return.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2017

They used to do good work but I can't really say with certainty that they do now and the customer service sad to say really isn't that good, they just seem cranky and short tempered, the best advice I could give them is to hire a good staff to work out front, and then just fix cars in the back.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2017

Great shop.

by - Verified Customer April 06, 2017

Got an estimate on brake repair.

by - Verified Customer April 04, 2017

Very knowledgeable of my vehicle and it's needs. They kept me informed throughout the repair process and what I should look forward to in the near future. All my vehicles have a service history here.

by - Verified Customer March 30, 2017

They were friendly and honest and kept me informed.

by - Verified Customer March 27, 2017

My experience was very professional, and they did an excellent job!

by - Verified Customer March 26, 2017

Great Service.

by - Verified Customer March 19, 2017

Everything went smoothly. Wait time was exactly what I was told on the phone. Everyone very nice.

by - Verified Customer March 15, 2017

Ernie is great at his job.

by - Verified Customer March 12, 2017

Took much too long to have tires installed and balanced even with an appointment.

by - Verified Customer March 06, 2017

Everyone at Goss is very friendly and pleasant and willing to help. They are very thorough and are great at explaining all issues and giving you options. Marcy and Billy are great to deal with and Ernie is fantastic!!

by - Verified Customer March 02, 2017

Fixed major brake problem.

by - Verified Customer March 02, 2017

Goss Garage was not very considerate of my time. They put me off (delayed repair) several times costing me time and money! I understand that things can and will happen. However, I would expect a PROFESSIONAL SHOP to stand behind their word when they tell me that me vehicle is ready for pick up and for me to come get it.

by - Verified Customer March 01, 2017

Trusted service!

by - Verified Customer February 23, 2017


by - Verified Customer February 16, 2017


by - Verified Customer February 15, 2017

Exceptional service, knowledgeable and trustworthy staff, good work at a fair price.

by - Verified Customer February 14, 2017

Great service, price and excellent timeliness of completing work.

by - Verified Customer February 12, 2017

The shop provided good service on my vehicle.

by - Verified Customer January 27, 2015

I was not told outright that I needed to pay for the car computer's reprogramming before the tires could be rotated. Because of this the tires could not be rotated after I had waited for an hour.

by - Verified Customer January 27, 2015

Excellent customer service.

by - Verified Customer January 25, 2015

The work was completed on time and it was easy to schedule an appointment, PLUS my care runs much better.

by - Verified Customer January 18, 2015

Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They went over my 15-year old car - which had only been service be the dealer - and gave me honest advice about the service it needed.

by - Verified Customer January 18, 2015

They seem to be trustworthy. Gave me a ride to and from work.

by - Verified Customer January 15, 2015

Service to my car was great. Love the customer service.

by - Verified Customer January 14, 2015

Tremendous understanding of automotive technologies, and superb customer service.

by January 12, 2015

Fast service, honest estimate.

by - Verified Customer January 08, 2015

Service took longer than I anticipated but I had a positive experience. The quality of service was good.

by - Verified Customer January 08, 2015

I like the services I got.

by - Verified Customer January 07, 2015

Great honest service with a smile.

by - Verified Customer January 07, 2015

Customer service was exceptional. The team worked hard to try and meet your needs. I was very satisfied with the service and have had no problem with the repaired job.

by - Verified Customer December 29, 2014

Very friendly. Honest about not needing a service that another vendor said was urgent. Good follow up service.

by - Verified Customer December 28, 2014

Service was professional but the cost of the repair was very high.

by - Verified Customer December 23, 2014

I had my car repaired at Goss Garage. A few days later I returned with same problem. After they checked it,they said it was something else that needed to be done. Now I have already paid $190 for first repair that did not resolve the problem. They told it was something else and could bring it back for a second repair at $130. I believe I can throw parts at a problem and save on the labor. They presented themselves as professionals but did not show me. Before I took my car to them I had already replaced the tensioner and belt. I feel ripped off and fear the worse by returning.

by - Verified Customer December 21, 2014

The supervisor was very personable and focused on my vehicle problem. The service was impeccable but a little costly which you would expect from a quality organization.

by - Verified Customer December 17, 2014

Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

by - Verified Customer December 15, 2014

Good service and communication.

by - Verified Customer December 15, 2014

I'm very happy with the service at Goss' Garage.

by - Verified Customer December 15, 2014

I took my truck to the shop for the total flush...the price I was quoted was that minus the air filter which they called me to suggest I change it...the staff were very courteous and professional...looking forward to bringing my truck in for future work

by - Verified Customer December 07, 2014

Prompt reasonable service.

by - Verified Customer December 02, 2014

Good price, honest answers, car fixed with no further issues.

by - Verified Customer December 01, 2014

I like the professional knowledge, quality of workmanship. They are extremely helpful assisting clients, and offer reasonable pricing.

by - Verified Customer November 25, 2014

Good service reasonable price.

by November 23, 2014

Service was provided in a timely manner.

by - Verified Customer November 09, 2014

They care, they're good, and reasonably priced.

by - Verified Customer October 30, 2014

They KNOW what they are doing AND will not only fix "Exactly" what you want repaired BUT without charging you or Pushing you tell you if they see any other problems. I would send my Mom there!!

by - Verified Customer October 19, 2014

Great service. My car is running great!

by - Verified Customer October 09, 2014

Great shop and friendly people. They did a good job of explaining the service(s) and didn't try to "up sell" products that I didn't need or request information about.

by - Verified Customer October 08, 2014

They do good work at a reasonable price although they are a bit out of the way.

by - Verified Customer October 02, 2014

Good service.

by - Verified Customer September 25, 2014

I had a positive experience and didn't feel especially ripped off because I'm a woman.

by - Verified Customer August 19, 2014

The service was excellent, timely and the customer service was quite good.

by - Verified Customer August 12, 2014

Great service. Exceptional group

by - Verified Customer August 05, 2014

Car was brought in to Goss’s Garage (GG) due to reputation and exposure on Motor Week. Ford dealer indicated oil pan gasket need to be replaced. Quote good at GG, so brought it there. GG indicated ink dye test needed not acknowledging another garage’s diagnosis. Upon inquiry from customer to GG on technique for cleaning engine, service writers, (male/husband) seemed irritated then questioning customer how they would clean the engine. I/we trusted GG to clean the engine without damaging electronics. Coil pack was damaged. GG took off used coil pack of GG’s relative’s Taurus as “complimentary” courtesy. This was a discourtesy. Engine light on immediately with other cylinder misfire codes. We then had faulty GG installed coil pack replaced at our cost by another mechanic. Will never return to GG.

by - Verified Customer July 13, 2014


by - Verified Customer July 01, 2014

Very knowledgeable and honest. Very good work at reasonable price.

by - Verified Customer June 29, 2014

They provided the service in good time, with good quality.

by June 24, 2014

Excellent service BUT PRICEY.

by - Verified Customer May 19, 2013

Goss' Garage is my top place for service for all of my vehicles. Highly recommend their services!

by - Verified Customer May 16, 2013

Excellent service. Good results. Price good. Answers questions. Consults with customer & explains what needs to be done to vehicle & why.

by - Verified Customer May 13, 2013

Goss's Garage provides good quality work. The staff is friendly and efficient. Pat also provide a 10% discount to military and public safety personnel

by - Verified Customer May 12, 2013

I work on my own cars and only use a mechanic shop when the work exceeds my skills. Goss's Garage is who I use. This last time was my mother's car. The brakes went out and I looked at what needed to happen and quickly determined it needed to go to a pro. It was a huge amount of work and I knew it would be because of how the brake lines are routed. They gave me an estimate and the final price was below the estimate. It was not cheap but it was fair. I recommend these guys to everyone. If you want it done right the first time, go to these guys. Don't forget to look in the work area. You can eat off the floor.

by - Verified Customer May 09, 2013

I trust them. They do great work. Prices are good. And they are personable

by May 08, 2013

The main thing I want to say and the reason why I choose to bring my car to Goss' Garage for repairs is because I really believe they care about quality work. They also seem very knowledgeable about all the technical aspects of cars including the newer ones where the technology is constantly and quickly changing---yet they are able to keep up.

by - Verified Customer April 15, 2013

Goss s Garage is surely a reputable and honest place. I have been pleased with the maint. done on my jeep and nothing has failed on it after being repaired.

by - Verified Customer April 10, 2013

Great work, followed my instructions to the letter and completed the repairs in a timely manner. Best of all, they followed up about 10 days after the repair. I've never had a follow-up call.

by - Verified Customer April 07, 2013

Each time I have used Goss's garage, I have been treated like I was the only customer there. I was explained everything that was to be done and preventive measures to ensure that problems would be kept to a minimum. Very pleased with the service and customer care that was received.

by - Verified Customer April 03, 2013

My son reminded me that my ex use to faithfully listen to this fascinating car talk show host, Pat Goss. My son encouraged me to check them out, before having any one else look at the car. The car is a 10-year old Lexus, that still looks as good as new. No accidents, no trouble until a year ago. Had I gone to Goss' shop then I would not have had any trouble with the car. I had gone to many mechanics for diagnostics, they would instinctively tell me that they would have to charge thousands of dollars to get to the heart of the problem, and then the problem might cost thousands more. The money spent on diagnostics alone, would have repaired the car, had I gone straight to Mr. Goss. Lexus told me that my car needed $10,000 worth of repair work. They said it would not run much longer without that work, that was a year ago. Pat Goss' people cheerfully took my car in did a same day diagnostic, and the cost was so nominal that I told them to do it the next day. They not only ordered the parts, as some mechanics had asked me to get the parts, what would I know about getting a part? Pat Goss' shop completed the job in a couple of days and had the car purring like a kitten. They told me that there are other small maintenance things that need doing, but these were not earth shattering. I gave Goss' shop people the Lexus list, and there was nothing on that list that would have fixed my car. The problem was totally something that was not on Lexus' list. Lexus feels that you should replace your car when it gets to be 10 years old. So a $10,000 job would cause you to decide to buy a new one, if you are fickle enough to believe them. My hat is off to the great staff and mechanics at Pat Goss' auto, and a wink to Billy!

by - Verified Customer April 03, 2013

Best garage in town. Hands down.

by March 19, 2013

The experience at Goss' garage is great from the office staff to the mechanics to the shuttle driver.

by - Verified Customer March 18, 2013

High quality car maintenance from trustworthy people who are experts at keeping my cars on the road.

by March 10, 2013

If you want a long time friend, best prices, and a short wait then Goss' Garage is for YOU!

by - Verified Customer March 07, 2013

I have had my cars serviced at Goss's Garage for about ten years but Pat Goss has been a valuable resource for over 25 years thru his call in radio show.

by - Verified Customer March 04, 2013

Goss' Garage is a "go to" place for questions or repairs or anything automotive. I met professional staff who gave me an honest assessment of needed repairs. The work was performed on time and at a reasonable cost. I have recommended this shop to family and friends.

by - Verified Customer February 28, 2013

I got on the internet, and asked a question about my car to Pat Goss. The Ford dealer told me that I had a blown head gasket, and that is why I wasn't getting any heat. Pat told me it was one of 3 things. I took my car into his garage. They found the problem, gave me an estimate, and the car was fixed for less than the estimate.

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Pat Goss, the owner of Goss' Garage, has been serving the Seabrook community since 1981. They feature a crew of 7 seasoned automotive professionals who combine for over 178 years of experience. All are ASE certified, attend weekly training, and have the automotive tools and computer diagnostic equipment necessary to make professional repairs to your late model computer controlled vehicle. On the customer service side they offer shuttle service, early bird drop off, and wireless internet onsite. Our team found Goss Garage to be a fine example of what we like to see in our certified shop network.

Message From the Shop

Our 10 bay shop in Lanham-Seabrook, MD is a leader in MD/DC/VA for diagnostic testing and repair of domestic and import cars and light trucks. We are one of the best outfitted shops in the country with the latest and greatest in equipment to better service your vehicle. We are an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence Certified Shop. We are a MD Certified Emissions Repair Facility. All technicians are A.S.E. Certified.

  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Sales/Repair
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  • Coffee
  • Early Bird Dropoff
  • Heated Waiting Room
  • Military Discount
  • Rental Car
  • Senior Discount
  • Service Guarantee
  • Shopping Nearby
  • Shuttle
  • Warranty Accepted
  • Wireless Internet
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Makes We Serve
  • Acura
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • FIAT
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Isuzu
  • Jaguar
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Land Rover
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  • Lincoln
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