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  • Luis Imaicela, Owner
  • Established 1997
  • 4 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 41 Years of Car Repair Experience

Blu Automotive Reviews


99 Verified Reviews
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by - Verified Customer January 08, 2018

Excellent people. I do recommend them without hesitation. Luis and his crew are very nice people. Next time I visit them I am making them a cake and bringing it to them. They deserve a big thank you!

by - Verified Customer January 05, 2018

Walked in with no appointment on a Saturday morning and was out by 11. In my book is soooo good seeing it use to take my old mechanic till 2 to do an oil change. Explained and emailed information on repairs that were needed. Did not feel obligated to get it done in the spot. Needed more funding for the additional repairs. I will be back with the rest of the family cars. Truly AAA quality.

by - Verified Customer January 02, 2018

Great workers like Marvin and Dave really made my experience here comfortable and they even expedited the service I had done on my vehicle which was awesome. Again I would like to say Thank You Blu Automotive for your great customer assistance

by - Verified Customer December 29, 2017

Very clean and welcoming place.

by - Verified Customer December 25, 2017

Experience wise this shop is great!

by - Verified Customer December 22, 2017

Staff is friendly and helpful. I was referred by a family member and I am not disappointed.

by - Verified Customer December 21, 2017

Great job

by - Verified Customer December 18, 2017

Really loved their service and I would recommend to friends and family to go there! Thanks

by - Verified Customer December 15, 2017

clean, friendly,courteous.

by - Verified Customer December 08, 2017

I like they re service.

by - Verified Customer December 08, 2017

This was my first time using this shop and everyone was very hospitable and the work was good.

by - Verified Customer December 07, 2017

Always have a pleasant experience there and the work is done right.

by - Verified Customer December 06, 2017

I will be a returning customer in the future.

by - Verified Customer November 21, 2017

No complaints

by - Verified Customer November 14, 2017

Blu Automotive is a top-notch auto shop! I like their honesty and their professionalism. I wish there were more shops like them!

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer November 13, 2017

The staff is very kind and attentive to my needs, eager to help me every time I need assistance.

by - Verified Customer November 06, 2017

Took my car in for a possible oil leak(car was smoking without overheating). Four days later they tell me they can't find anything. I pick it up and it starts smoking before I get 5 miles away. After taking it back I'm told there's several leaks and the cost will be in the thousands to fix. Also informed me that my car wasn't starting. In the year and a half had the car I NEVER had a problem with it starting. They ruined my car! Will not return or recommend them to anyone!

by - Verified Customer November 02, 2017

Excellent Customer Service

by - Verified Customer October 31, 2017

I will not go anywhere else to get my hair done

by - Verified Customer October 27, 2017

Staff was helpful in getting my car fixed in a timely manner and didn't push to have unnecessary work done like other shops have tried to do before.

by - Verified Customer October 27, 2017

Nice customer service

by - Verified Customer October 25, 2017

Completely impressed with the facility and staff, very professional is why I will bring my car back.

by - Verified Customer October 24, 2017

Excellent service the staff was courteous and professional.

by - Verified Customer October 20, 2017

Work was excellent and they treated me well!!

by - Verified Customer October 18, 2017

They were very informative and explained future work to be done. We will be going here from now on.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer October 18, 2017

Very satisfied customer

by - Verified Customer October 17, 2017

Oil change and inspection found more repairs that were needed. They were explained and performed promptly and as described.

by - Verified Customer October 08, 2017

Ok .job well done.good history on previous cars.

by - Verified Customer October 06, 2017

Very friendly and professional place.

by - Verified Customer October 05, 2017

It was cool

by - Verified Customer October 05, 2017

I love Blu Automotive, efficiency, care for the costumers and professionalism.

by - Verified Customer October 05, 2017

Nice people and front office.

by - Verified Customer September 28, 2017

Excellent service as always.

by - Verified Customer September 19, 2017

Satisfied with the work

by - Verified Customer September 17, 2017

Very friendly, knowledgeable staff. Diagnosed the wheel bearing problem and quickly repaired it. Very nice clean spacious waiting area with wifi.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer September 14, 2017

All work performed was to my satisfaction. However, I came into the shop to have Blu Automotive adjust the tire pressure - the mechanic who performed this function did not tighten the valve stem cover caps - they were all loose when I inspected. This is the only issue I experienced from an otherwise totally satisfactory experience.

by - Verified Customer September 14, 2017

Staff is courteous
Service was done right.
No issues at all.

by - Verified Customer September 11, 2017

Knowledgeable, kind pro

by - Verified Customer June 23, 2017

Promptly acknowledged, explanation of work to be done, nice waiting area, explanation of additional work needed if necessary, explanation of work that was done, and any suggestions for future repairs.

by - Verified Customer June 21, 2017

It was great

by - Verified Customer June 12, 2017

There was no pressure or anxiety that the shop will look for repair work that needs to be done ASAP.

by - Verified Customer June 04, 2017

Positive and warm welcome when entering the shop. Confident in their abilities and the work showed. Will recommend to friends and family.

by - Verified Customer June 01, 2017

They finally fixed it right Allan was great

by - Verified Customer May 26, 2017

You guys are awesome!

by - Verified Customer May 26, 2017

Great service & no hassles!

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer May 24, 2017

Everyone was most courteous and professional. I was pleasantly surprised that the problem (abs light) was not as serious as I feared it might be.

by - Verified Customer May 24, 2017

Good timely service with a smile.

by - Verified Customer May 22, 2017

The staff was courteous, friendly,knowledgeable and reliable....

by - Verified Customer May 21, 2017

Friendly, informative staff & fast service. I'd come back.

by - Verified Customer May 18, 2017

Everything was excellent as usual with them

by - Verified Customer May 18, 2017

Pricing for diagnostic is extremely steep, wasn't too happy about that but overall, I am very pleased with the results.

by - Verified Customer May 16, 2017

Always a great experience at Blu Automotive. The entire staff is experienced and knowledgeable and their certified mechanics will fix it right the first time. They are honest and polite and I have never felt pressured into unnecessary repairs. I really appreciate the fact that they take the time to thoroughly explain my repairs for the layperson AND provide photos so that I may better understand. From oil changes to major repairs, I ONLY take my car to Blu Automotive.

by - Verified Customer May 08, 2017

This was my first time there and need more repairs experience done to to give rating.

by - Verified Customer May 05, 2017


by - Verified Customer May 04, 2017

Friendly staff, went beyond what I expect, and will be a repeat customer...

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer May 04, 2017

Happy with the service and honesty. I don't like to come in with one problem and be notified with another, however I trust the shop.

by - Verified Customer May 02, 2017

I was satisfied with their service.

by - Verified Customer May 01, 2017

Awesome team at Blu Automotive

by - Verified Customer April 26, 2017

Been going to Blu Automotive since Feb. 2015...always great, honest service.

by - Verified Customer April 26, 2017

l have used their auto services for many years and they always do a very good job.

by - Verified Customer April 24, 2017

My car (Camry) was finished no one told me. I had to go the front no one was available. Marvin was helping a lady who was after me, Stephanie was no where to be found, Dave had the deer in the headlights look. Finally, some woman I have never seen before came out to cash me out. I almost took the keys and drove home and called you with my credit card number. Was not happy about that at all. Usually the service is much better. I hope you work on this. Bruce

by - Verified Customer April 21, 2017

Excellent customer service

by - Verified Customer April 21, 2017

Exhibited care.

by - Verified Customer April 18, 2017

Great experience

by - Verified Customer April 13, 2017

Everyone at the shop treated me well.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer April 12, 2017

They were professional and courteous.

by - Verified Customer April 12, 2017

Thank You

by - Verified Customer April 09, 2017

I've been taking my cars here for many years. It's because their work and customer service has always been top-notch, honest and fair. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing repairs done to their vehicles. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and will become a loyal repeat customer .

by - Verified Customer April 04, 2017

Took it in to change my spark plugs and they broke 2 so I had to pay extra for the removal but they did do the job.

by - Verified Customer April 03, 2017

Great service that I trust.

by - Verified Customer April 03, 2017

Pro-tip: Err on the side of a weaker handshake. I might look pretty fit, but I had a bruised tendon in my right hand and almost cried when the shake was so firm. I learned this the hard way after accidentally squeezing out a couple of tough looking construction dudes who had done the job so long they were arthritic.

by - Verified Customer March 28, 2017

all work done and recommended was explained fully and to my satisfaction. They demonstrate concern and fairness for their customers.

by - Verified Customer March 26, 2017

The staff at Blu are friendly and knowledgeable. The quality of work is always on point.

by - Verified Customer March 23, 2017

Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The repair was completed on time to my satisfaction. I would recommend the shop to others.

by - Verified Customer March 23, 2017


1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer October 12, 2015

Good service , they explain details of the work performed.

by - Verified Customer October 07, 2015

Everyone at Blu's seems very knowledgeable and dedicated to great service. They're so polite and considerate. After I asked for a loaner, they got me one by the end of the day. I'm sending my daughter there now to have a potential new car checked out for purchase.

by - Verified Customer October 06, 2015

They are really good.

by - Verified Customer October 01, 2015

They do a good job.

by - Verified Customer September 29, 2015

They were very nice and helpful.

by - Verified Customer August 23, 2015

Accurate diagnosis. Convenient location. Courtesy vehicle.

by - Verified Customer July 02, 2015

Friendly, expert service.

by - Verified Customer April 28, 2015

I was very happy with customer service. The work done on my car was outstanding!

by - Verified Customer March 31, 2015

Excellent customer service and fast great repair.

by - Verified Customer March 25, 2015

Blu went above and beyond to satisfy my automotive needs.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer March 02, 2015

I love coming to Blu. I know they are honest people and won't scam me or overcharge me. The employees are extremely efficient and kind.

by - Verified Customer January 19, 2015

Friendly, professional service.

by - Verified Customer December 14, 2014

They provide the best service, repair, and cost from all the places I have ever gone to.

by - Verified Customer July 21, 2014

Great service, top-notch work, very professional.

by - Verified Customer July 14, 2014

I like their trustworthiness and honesty.

by - Verified Customer May 06, 2014

Very professional , friendly, excellent service.

by - Verified Customer February 18, 2014

Excellent customer service.

by - Verified Customer February 16, 2014

The owner is awesome. He genuinely care about you and your car. I've been a customer for over 15 years and will not trust anyone else with my cars. My mom and my daughter's all love this place.

by - Verified Customer February 06, 2014

I appropriate the guidance and honesty that Luis and his team provides on service.

by - Verified Customer January 10, 2014

Good quality work.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene
by - Verified Customer November 19, 2013

Great service, repairs with a fair price. I TRUST Luis.

by - Verified Customer November 17, 2013

Good service.

by - Verified Customer November 07, 2013

I am always treated with respect as a valued customer. I feel like you're honest.

1 verified customer did not leave comments but provided this rating:
by Irene

RepairPal Scorecard


Blu Automotive has been proudly serving the local community since 1997. This RepairPal Certified shop strives to stay on top of the latest technologies and to be a leader in the local community by providing the highest level of automotive repair coupled with the best customer service. Our review of this shop revealed they are achieving this goal. Recent customers describe this team as “awesome”, “outstanding”, “professional”, "friendly", and “honest”. This location features a team of automotive professionals with a good mix of experience, ongoing training, and ASE certifications. They are well equipped to handle repairs ranging from tires and wheel alignment, to minor and major mechanical repairs, to check engine light diagnoses and repair, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. Repairs are covered by a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. A local shuttle service, loaner vehicles, early bird drop off, Saturday business hours, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are all available for your convenience.



  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnosis
  • Hybrid/Electric
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Tire Sales/Repair
  • Windshield/Glass
+ More


  • AAA Member Discount
  • Coffee
  • Loaner Car
  • Open Saturday
  • Se Habla Espanol
  • Service Guarantee
  • Shuttle
  • Warranty Accepted
  • Wireless Internet
+ More


  • iATN


Blu Automotive is a top quality AAA Approved auto repair and maintenance in Harbor City, CA. and now in Lawndale CA as well. Locally owned and operated we have been providing honest and dependable automotive and collision repair services in the South Bay since 1997.

Our experienced and ASE Certified technicians utilize state-of-the-art technology and receive up-to-date training in order to provide safe and reliable auto repair and maintenance services on even the most complex of vehicles. We specialize in Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Acura, Infinity, Nissan, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi auto repair, but are equipped to handle automotive repair services on all makes and models. We are so confident in our quality craftsmanship that we provide a 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on all repairs (double what the dealership provides!)


  • Acura
  • BMW
  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • FIAT
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Geo
  • Honda
  • Hummer
  • Hyundai
  • Infiniti
  • Isuzu
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Lexus
  • Lincoln
  • Mazda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Mercury
  • Mini
  • Mitsubishi
  • Nissan
  • Oldsmobile
  • Plymouth
  • Pontiac
  • Porsche
  • Ram
  • Saturn
  • Scion
  • Smart
  • Subaru
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
+ More
Questions Answered by Blu Automotive
My car battery died on a parking lot and I...
There can be several reasons a vehicle cranks and wont start after a jump start. I would start with checking the fuses, It may have blown a fuse during the jump start procedure. If you have a second key I would try that, it may have a problem with the vehicle recognizing the key. I would start with the two tips, thereafter if it does not solve the problem, I would have a qualified technician perform diagnostics.

-Luis, Blu Automotive
I thought it was my alternator giving me p...
There are several reasons a belt can break on your vehicle. Since you replaced the belt and alternator I would suspect a seized drive belt pulley or tensioner. Other possibilities can be that the pulleys that the drive belt rides on made be out of position causing the belt to bind and snap. I would recommend having a certified technician perform a thorough inspection of the drive belt system.

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