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Avenue Automotive
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Avenue Automotive
140 Verified Reviews
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  • Established 2010
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  • 68 Years of Car Repair Experience

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My car was totally disrespected. Dash all scratched up. Promise to have it fixed. Still waiting after three messages left. The car was dirty and had fingerprints all over inside of the windshield when I picked it up and leather glue was turned over and all over the door panel and floorboard as well as rubber door seal. If I had waited a few hours longer to pick it up the door may have been glued shut. Bottom line they gave me their word they would fix my dash and haven't. Their word means nothing so that's what they'll get from me. No more business and no referrals. I was a repeat customer till now.


Always professional and easy to do business with.


Very good price for just analyzing the problem. Fair cost estimate for repairs.


I would highly recommend this shop! They are more than willing to answer any questions regarding the work they do. I use my auto for my business, so their professionalism and detailed information regarding the work they do is very important to me. Thanks Avenue Automotive for all your hard work to make sure my auto is taken care of!


Repeat customer and impressed with use of modern check in process, workmanship and communication.

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Avenue Automotive was established with an absolute commitment to excellence and customer service in 2010. Our unbiased survey of their customers confirmed this with a well above average customer service score. Their customers rave about them. Richard Watson, the owner, is a very experienced ASE Certified technician who makes sure he and his staff stay current with the latest technologies by attending regular training. This team of professionals is equipped with some of the best automotive tools and computer diagnostic equipment available to ensure professional repairs are made to your modern vehicle. They back their work with a 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty. Local shuttle service, Saturday hours, early bird drop off, and a clean comfortable waiting area with wireless internet are available for your convenience.

Message From the Shop

Avenue Automotive’s mission is to be the most trusted service and repair business in the local area.

We will accomplish our mission by ensuring our customers make informed repair decisions based on the facts of their vehicle’s problem and maintenance needs; and by providing our customers an unmatched maintenance and repair experience, every time.

In return, our clients will be able to maximize the value from their vehicle investment today and in the future.

Our Guiding Principles
1. Our team will consist of members with the highest levels of integrity and professionalism.
2. Our team will consist of members who are positive minded and team focused.
3. Our team will consist of members who are committed to and display excellence in all they do.
4. Our team will use only the time and resources necessary to properly diagnose vehicle repairs.
5. Our team will not recommend or sell a repair that is not needed by our customers.
6. Our team will thoroughly review every est

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Questions Answered by Avenue Automotive
Standard A/C diagnostic in our shop would be to evacuate the refrigerant to verify there is enough in the system. If the system has the correct amount of refrigerant, then we re-charge and check pressures and component functionality. If they system is low on refrigerant, you have to figure out why, as it has a leak in the system somewhere. This is usually accomplished by putting a dye back into the system with the refrigerant to detect where the leak is coming from.

All that said to show that there isn't an easy answer to your question. There are several components to a working a/c system and would most likely need to be diagnosed by an a/c technician to find the definitive answer.
car is making a loud roar from back of car...
Could be as simple as mud or debris in brakes, shields coming loose or possibly a wheel bearing/hub going out. Try removing the tire and inspecting all components to eliminate debris. Check for rear tire movement left to right or top to bottom.
Have a problem starting my Audi A6. I'm pu...
We just received a 2006 Audi A6 with the same problem. We were able to find error codes in the Access/Authorization module. Clearing the codes in the module allows the car to start again. You will need a repair center with the right equipment to get directly in to this module, as it is not a typical "check engine" type of code. We aren't sure how long clearing the code lasts, or what caused the code to trip in the first place...but assumed to be the module mentioned here is going bad. We will test the vehicle over the next couple of days to see if code resets and access is denied again.
car has been sitting for 3 weeks in the ga...
Most common issue for this is The crankcase ventilation system should maintain a minimum amount of vacuum at the oil fill cap. If the vacuum level is greater than 3/4", the ventilation valves will need to be replaced. The valves are on the top of the valve covers and can be replaced individually. A failure of the valves will create too much vacuum in the crankcase which pulls oil into the intake manifold.

To perform a compression test requires a factory scan tool that will set the valve lift to a defined position.
when it stop runing the headlights went of...
Several areas this could be coming from, but it leans electrical...possibly with the BCM. We would recommend that you get it to a certified shop for a diagnosis.
When in drive it points at N, etc.
That is most likely an issue with your "prndl shift indicator". One of the staff here has a 98 explorer that is on its way to doing the same time. It can get off over time. There also could be some hardware loose that is causing the prndl shift indicator to not work correctly. It is not a problem with the transmission itself.
I have been having an issue with smoke com...
If the smoke is gray, it is typically valve seals. If the smoke is black or really dark, then it could be an injector leaking. Unfortunately, the color or shade is important to knowing which way to lean.

Does the vehicle run rough at all when first started?
In short, get it diagnosed. Air bags are an important safety issue and a light is an indicator that they will not work should they be needed. There is no single reason that could be causing the light to come on, but the fact that it is one tells you something is wrong.
There are a number of reasons a car might shake while at highway speeds. Improper tire balance is usually the most common cause. However, you could also have some poor steering and suspension components that are causing the problem. Lastly, you could have improper tire wear. Plus, the term "shake" can mean a lot of different things in the auto world. Best thing to do is get it to a reputable shop and let them diagnose it for you and then you can know exactly what the problem is.

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