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"Excellent work!"
— Alan, a Verified Customer
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  • Clinton Jones, Owner
  • Established 1998
  • 1 Auto Repair Mechanic on Staff
  • 22 Years of Car Repair Experience
Accomplished Auto Reviews
30 Ratings
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Verified Customer
clinton was great, change the bulb for my head light right away and didn't charge me.
Verified Customer
I feel the service was fairly priced.
Verified Customer
Sadly it seems that prices have gone up after Brain has left as the owner of the shop. Even an oil change is now 10 more than what I was quoted. Breaks are now even more expensive to the point I found another place who did the same work for about 290.00 less
Verified Customer
Excellent service as always.
Verified Customer
Very nice, explained everything and let me sit in the waiting room
Verified Customer
Excellent service.
Verified Customer
Excellent work!
Verified Customer
My '78 TBird has been given 'another life' as of my last repair not being too expensive--which it looked like it might have to be, but a less costly repair was suggested and solved the problem. Since starting with this shop over 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago, needing a lot of repairs for inspc., I have consistently been satisfied; and my son (a mechanic himself) has said Clint knows what he's doing!
Verified Customer
The work was done well and on time.
Verified Customer
It was very, very agreeable. It was a very good experience. There isn't anything that I could say that was wrong. It was good.
Verified Customer
It's good.
Verified Customer
They're always there for me, they do what I need done.
Verified Customer
He did his job well.
Verified Customer
They treat you decent and everything was fine.
Verified Customer
My experience was excellent.
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Accomplished Auto was established in 1998 with Clint taking over ownership duties in 2017. During this time they have developed a loyal following of satisfied customers who described this shop to us as "helpful”, “outstanding”, “friendly”, “excellent” and "honest". This location features a team of automotive professionals whose commitment to ongoing training ranks with the best. An investment in the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment helps make them capable of repairs ranging from tires and wheel alignment, to minor and major mechanical repairs, to state smog and safety inspections, to check engine light diagnosis and repair, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. Repairs are covered by a 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. A local shuttle service, early bird drop-off, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are also available for your convenience.
Message From the Shop
Accomplished Auto uses a system called Shop-Ware to manage our work or repair orders for the services we will provide you when you visit us. We chose Shop-Ware because it is web-based and enables us to communicate with you about your vehicle directly through the system. We will share photos, videos, and other electronic information that helps explain the work that we are doing to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition. Shop-Ware also allows us to operate entirely paperless, and we can provide you an electronic copy of your estimate or completed invoice at any time via email. A print copy will always be available to you if you prefer.
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Questions Answered by Accomplished Auto
What Else Could A P0501 Code Be Still Showing Up After Replacing The Speed Senso on 2003 Hyundai Accent
At this point I would recommend getting a proper shop with the appropriate tooling to check the vehicle. Just because the cluster and sensor are new does not mean the signal is getting through. May have a wiring issue, or if the transmission was recently apart, the tone ring the sensor reads off may be damaged.

Good Luck
Car Keeps Blowing The Ems2 Why?? on 2008 Chevrolet Aveo
Also never a good idea to use a larger fuse, if fuse immediately blowing you have a short someplace. A larger fuse may allow component or wiring to heat up enough to cause further damage or even a fire. Find a wiring diagram and trace out what components are on circuit. Like previously stated that fuse is for the stop light circuit, however if you just did major under hood repairs, be sure to inspect any harnesses moved or disconnected for misrouting, chaffing or pinched under components.

Good Luck
Hood Blanket Caught Fire Just Above The Generetor? 1990, Cad, Deville on 1990 Cadillac DeVille
Sounds like you may have fun, I would start with a pressure test of cooling system and look for any external leaks. Sounds more likely that you have a internal leak, possible head gasket issue. Even if didn't having gotten it hot enough to burn insulating blanket you may have one now. I have a customer with a Cadillac of that vintage that did head gaskets on a few years ago.

Good Luck, and try and have fun. If gets to be too much of a repair be sure to check repair pal for a reputable shop near your car to have it checked out.
How To Open A Jammed Hood Lock on 2006 Hyundai Elantra
Couple things you can try. Sometimes gently pounding on hood near latch while someone pulls release will jar a sticky latch loose. Same with lifting edge of hood. If that doesn't work, you will most likely need to take it to a shop since they can be pretty tricky to open especially if the release cable is broken.

Good Luck
How Do You Get The Abs And Traction Lights Off on 2011 Chevrolet Equinox
Depending on which c0040 code you have, there are 4 sub codes to it. You may have a wiring issue to the sensor, an issue with the wheel bearing and or tone ring the sensor reads off from or an issue with the ABS module itself. You really should find a qualified shop with factory level diagnostic equipment and ideally a lab scope to verify ABS signals.
Should I Invest 2100 Or Buy Another One on 2009 Toyota RAV4
Along with the above advice, it would be a good idea to have the entire vehicle thoroughly inspected and service history looked at by a trusted service provider. To be done properly there will be a charge but is well worth any small charge this entails before spending additional money on a vehicle. Especially if it turns up any future potential issues.
No Throttle Response on 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500
If it a diesel, check to ensure the DEF fluid has been serviced. If you ignore the DEF warning light system will progressively shut down till will not hardly go at all. If a gas engine may be some issue with the electronic throttle control. There are also a few other electronic or mechanical faults that could cause this. Other than filling DEF on diesel and following reset procedures you will need to take it to a qualified shop and have systems evaluated.
My 2003 Infiniti Qx4 Shifter Cable Melted @ Shifter, Damaging Cable Not Allowing Me To Shift Into Park Or Any Other Gear. I Had Car Towed &Replaced It.
Now The Transmission Will Not Shift Into Park Or Any Other
Gear. on 2003 Infiniti QX4
Without seeing it, it would be hard to say. There could be additional damage from the melted cable. Could be installed improperly or adjusted wrong. There are several other issues external and internal to transmission that can cause this. I would take it back to the shop that did the work or some other reputable shop to have it evaluated.
Open Differential Is No Good In Snow, What Do I Need To Find To Fit My 2012 8.8 3.55 Axle Code 19 3.7 L Rearend To Make It Lsd? on 2012 Ford F-150
Best bet would be to call up a reputable salvage yard and give them the info here and see if they have a used LSD differential that can be installed. If vehicle is a 2 wheel drive gear ratio not so critical. However if 4 wheel drive, make absolutely certain it has the same ratio or 4 wheel drive will not operate properly.
Engine on 2007 Acura TL
Three possibilities, either you are not fully tightening gas gap all the way. This is easy fix to make sure you hear the click when fully tightened. The gas cap or filler neck sealing area is defective and not sealing properly. Then a new cap may fix it. The third ids there is a leak in the system somewhere. The gas cap light is just to remind you to properly install the cap. The system is basically testing for a leak and can't always tell the difference between a loose cap and leak elsewhere in the system. Actually there is a way it can infer a cap leak by the timing if it happens right after a fill up. However if the system leak happened to show up right after a fill up then the system sees it as a cap problem even when not. You should have the system properly tested by a qualified tech to find and repair any system defects as fuel vapor leaks are an environmental and potential safety hazard.
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