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"Excellent work!"
— Alan, a Verified Customer
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  • Clinton Jones, Owner
  • Established 1998
  • 1 Auto Repair Mechanic on Staff
  • 22 Years of Car Repair Experience
Accomplished Auto Reviews
30 Ratings
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Verified Customer
clinton was great, change the bulb for my head light right away and didn't charge me.
Verified Customer
I feel the service was fairly priced.
Verified Customer
Sadly it seems that prices have gone up after Brain has left as the owner of the shop. Even an oil change is now 10 more than what I was quoted. Breaks are now even more expensive to the point I found another place who did the same work for about 290.00 less
Verified Customer
Excellent service as always.
Verified Customer
Very nice, explained everything and let me sit in the waiting room
Verified Customer
Excellent service.
Verified Customer
Excellent work!
Verified Customer
My '78 TBird has been given 'another life' as of my last repair not being too expensive--which it looked like it might have to be, but a less costly repair was suggested and solved the problem. Since starting with this shop over 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago, needing a lot of repairs for inspc., I have consistently been satisfied; and my son (a mechanic himself) has said Clint knows what he's doing!
Verified Customer
The work was done well and on time.
Verified Customer
It was very, very agreeable. It was a very good experience. There isn't anything that I could say that was wrong. It was good.
Verified Customer
It's good.
Verified Customer
They're always there for me, they do what I need done.
Verified Customer
He did his job well.
Verified Customer
They treat you decent and everything was fine.
Verified Customer
My experience was excellent.
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Need an appointment for today? Call the shop directly at (603) 716-9853
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Accomplished Auto was established in 1998 with Clint taking over ownership duties in 2017. During this time they have developed a loyal following of satisfied customers who described this shop to us as "helpful”, “outstanding”, “friendly”, “excellent” and "honest". This location features a team of automotive professionals whose commitment to ongoing training ranks with the best. An investment in the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment helps make them capable of repairs ranging from tires and wheel alignment, to minor and major mechanical repairs, to state smog and safety inspections, to check engine light diagnosis and repair, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. Repairs are covered by a 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. A local shuttle service, early bird drop-off, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are also available for your convenience.
  • AC/Heating
  • Alignment
  • Check Engine Light
  • Muffler & Exhaust
  • Oil Change & Lube
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Service & Repair
  • Timing Belts
  • Early Bird Dropoff
  • Service Guarantee
  • Shuttle
  • Wireless Internet
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  • Acura
  • Audi
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  • Buick
  • Cadillac
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
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Questions Answered by Accomplished Auto
After Changing Oil Filter Adaptor Get Oil Pressure Stop Message on 2017 Volkswagen GTI
I agree with Casey, also ideally if no immediate problems arise on inspection you should install a mechanical gauge in place of oil pressure sender and verify you have oil pressure at specifications for that car. That will also eliminate and improperly installed adapter or gasket blocking pressure to the sensor or worse.
I Filled My Coolant When I Drive My Gauge Stays Normal When I Stop Rises To Hot on 2005 Honda Odyssey
If you are loosing coolant system could be air bound Some of these systems once air gets into them they are hard to bleed. You also should listen or look for the electric cooling fan to kick on as it starts to get hot. After that there are some more serious issues that could be causing your problem that should be evaluated by a professional.
What Causes A Car To Over Heat. on 1993 Toyota Corolla
Short answer, yes. But there are also other things that need to be checked out first. Thermostat operation, cooling fan operation, coolant condition and level, air flow through radiator, and coolant flow through system including water pump operation. So while you may have a head gasket leak, a thorough inspection may reveal other problems or even what may have caused the head gasket to fail in the first place.

What Is Tripping Fuse 38? on 2007 Toyota Sienna
Not sure off the top of my head what the resistance through the coil should be on the relay, however if removing the relay cures the blown fuse issue. I would suspect that the magnetic clutch is shorted, since it is powered by the same fuse.
The Locks Do Not Work.When I Replaced The Fuse It Keeps Arcing Out. What Would Cause It? on 2010 Dodge Journey
Most likely you have a short in the harness for the locks. The most common place I find is in the drivers door harness where it keeps flexing to allow the door hinge to move. There could be other areas of issue as well but any time you have a fuse blowing immediately it is a serious problem with that system and should be checked out by a qualified person.
2006 Saturn Ion Iis Grinding Gears In 3rd And 4th And Can’t Use Either Gear Now
on 2006 Saturn Ion
As for the sychros being shot it depends on how bad the clutch was to start. I have done clutches where the car was undriveable before job so there would not have been any way to test drive and test the operation of the transmission before hand. On the other hand if it was at all driveable I would have test driven it at least a short distance if possible to test overall operation. Without knowing the whole situation it is possible the tech had no easy way of knowing of the problem. As for your other concerns, I always check all fluids on major jobs before they go out, but they may have other procedures so hard to tell. Same thing on the CEL if it was on when the vehicle came in I would note it, if came on after job but before I released the vehicle to the owner I would at least do preliminary check to ensure not related to work done. If came on after releasing vehicle I would offer to diagnose and waive the fees if in any way related to work just done, for example, a loose connection related to removal of trans. If not then charge diagnostic fee and leave it up to customer if wanted to repair or not. Sometimes these lights are just coincidental to repair, or something else was borderline and now driving normally the computer can run other tests and see things it doesn't like now.

Replaced All4 Brakes And Rear Caliper Can't Bleed Left Rear And Right Front 2010 on 2010 Ford Focus
If you let all the fluid drain out during the caliper change, you may find you need to bleed the master cylinder. This will mean disconnecting the lines from the master cylinder and running short temporary lines to a container of clean brake fluid. Then you pump the master cylinder until all the air is expelled and it is primed. hen reconnect up brake lines and attempt manual bleeding again with and assistant. If that does not work you may have a bad master cylinder or blockage in a line or ABS module somewhere.
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Need an appointment for today? Call the shop directly at (603) 716-9853
Need an appointment for today? Call the shop directly at (603) 716-9853
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