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Affordable Auto Performance
31 Verified Reviews
Affordable Auto Performance
31 Verified Reviews
(239) 309-1696
1210 SE 9th Ln
Cape Coral, FL 33990 USA
9:00am to 6:00pm
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  • Rae Valerio, Manager
  • Established 2009
  • 2 Auto Repair Mechanics on Staff
  • 1 ASE Certified Auto Technician
  • 25 Years of Car Repair Experience

Affordable Auto Performance Reviews
(31 Ratings)
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At my last visit I had an oil change, they were prompt and courteous like always.


Very responsible and professional team.


Fair and reliable.


I had many things fixed on my 1979 Monza Spyder, it's not an easy car to work on and it is difficult to get parts. With their patience and skills, they were able to get some difficult work done at an exceptional price. Ray is a easy guy to talk too, he is very good with the customers, and he knows his profession.


Best shop in Cape Coral. Period!

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Affordable Auto Performance was established in 2009 and has been providing Cape Coral and the surrounding area with quality automotive repairs ever since. This RepairPal Certified shop features a very experienced team with an excellent mix of ongoing training and ASE certifications. They are equipped with the tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to perform a wide range of repairs. These repairs can range from minor and major mechanical repairs, to check engine light diagnosis and repairs, as well as your scheduled maintenance needs. This work is backed by a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty for your peace of mind. Our survey of their recent customers revealed a group who enthusiastically describe the team here as: “friendly”, “respectful”, “honest”, “professional”, and “courteous”. Rental & loaner cars, early bird drop off, and a waiting area with wireless Internet are available for your convenience.

Message From the Shop

I have seen how a simple oil change that would run a bill of no more than $30.00 turn into $300 to $400 mostly on maintenance that was not needed or worse yet, it was not performed at all! We must give them credit. These service writers, mechanics and shop managers are trained well, they are very deceitful, and you might not know any better and agree to the services and repairs you might not need. They are after all the “experts”. In their defense they make money on everything they sell, weather you need it or not. Not much of a defense, right, but that’s just it, for them it’s all about money.

Not so at Affordable Auto Performance. Seeing these things happen on a regular basis made me angry. I was brought up as a Christian and a basic teaching is that you should treat others as you like to be treated. I did not agree with many things going on around me, but I was in no position to do anything about it. That made me even much more determined to make a difference. We all need to support our families and we all have bills to pay. Affordable Auto Performance DOES NOT take advantage of anybody to put a few dollars in our pocket, if anything we go out of our way to make our customers happy. I went into business to make a difference, even in a small scale

-- Rae Valerio

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Questions Answered by Affordable Auto Performance
there is no electric power too the fuel pu...
Replacing any parts at random will only cost money unnecessarily. A proper diagnosis needs to take place. Sounds like an electrical problem. We can have the vehicle towed to the shop and properly diagnose.
Van is slow loses power jot electrcity
the code refers to a misfire. this will feel like a fish bite. where the engine will misfire and engine will not run smooth. several possible components can cause this problem. a proper diagnoses is required. if you would like to schedule an appointment please call the shop at 239-424-8477 thanks
something was in the way in the trucnk and...
the procedure is rather complicated and requires special tools to be able to close and or open the top manually. its rather recommended to drive vehicle slowly to a shop that can accommodate you in the repair process. We can do that for you.
drivers side back window fell down and won...
the repair process is not too complicated. base on your description seems that you will have a problem with the window regulator. this part is responsible to transmit the power from the power window motor to operate the window up and down. when it fails usually will bind not allowing the window to move up or down. but in your case it dropped the glass into the door. thankfully it did not brake. this is not a 5 min job with out the experience required i would not recommend you tackling it. this can cost in the ball park or $250.00 if you need we can assist you in repairing it for you. thanks
Why does my 2006 Sienna 3.3L auto transmis...
If in fact you have a problem with the transmission driving it for a year will not help it so getting it to a shop is advised. Driving it will only make it worst.
This almost sounds like low fluid but if u had a leak by now it should not move if all the fluid leaked out. the best method to determine the problem is by datalogging the transmission as the problem happens this will show a commanded gear if at the moment it commands the gear it takes some time to actually engage then u have a problem with the transmission. this should be picked up by a proper scan tool. hope this sheds some light on the problem.
After engine warms up. 5.7 engine
There is 2 common problems: 1 the pick up screen of the oil pump clogged with debri or sludge and 2 performing a reflash to the ecu to resolve a none existing problem per tsb TSB 18-003-08.
both require an actual inspection like pushrod mention to confirm if there is oil pressure or not with a mechanical gauge. if you dont have oil pressure that is bad and at best 1 is your solution if you do have oil pressure then its a matter of a computer update. We can help you with both options. My shop is located in cape coral.
wind shield wipers going crazy, some times...
the system is some what complex and yes it does have relays. this truck has whats called an inteligent fuse box and some times they have problems doing weird things such as you are mentioning. but this is not an cheap to just put one on. you should have a qualified repair shop diagnose and replace the correct parts.
Cam sensor spark plugs wires coil crank se...
Don't mean to be disrespectful but changing parts with out properly testing is a good way to change unnecessary parts and a wait of your throwing away money. I see it too often that to avoid seeing a mechanic shop a lot of mechanically inclined people try to fix cars themselves and don't get me wrong some things can be done in a driveway with no problems but some require proper equipment that's very pricy and knowledge. Changing very expensive CATS with out knowing it would solve my problem would mean i get a law suit dropped in my lap. So Pushrod is correct in his statements. I recently had a ford that was doing the same thing as you are describing. Misfire code but we had good spark no other codes and injector sounded as if it was injecting fuel. the injector was covered by the intake so we opted to remove the injector in question and swap it to a more accessible injector location this way if the misfire now changed to the new location of the injector we knew the injector was at fault. and in our case the fault did travel to new injector location witch was located where in less then 5 min we can change it. your truck has a much better set up and that allows injectors to be changed way faster then the ford i mentioned. that would be where i would start. further with proper equipment i can get bidirectional control of the outputs of the computer and command injectors to be disabled to confirm cylinder contribution. there is a lot more to it but If you want my shop is located in cape coral and we will more then happy to sort it out for you.
I bought A 2008 F350 at a buy here pay h...
The noise you describe is the fan clutch being engaged to cool the engine. This is usually is because truck is reaching high temp. but the overheating is a big problem and it explains the fan engaging at high speed often. so you need to stop driving it!!! We can assist you in determining the cause of the overheating. calls us we can get you in next week. 239-424-8477 ask for Rae

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