Q: Repair Cost to replace rod bearings on 2002 Chrysler Sebring

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How much should it cost me for a Chrysler dealer to replace the rod bearings in my 2002 Sebring Convertible?
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Usually when the rod bearings need replacing the crankshaft has to be machined, looks like 13.8 hours to remove the engine and remove and replace the bearings plus seals and reinstall, the parts can be seen at put in your year,make and model then put bearing in the search box look at #26 cost is about $6 per bearing set plus the complete gasket set ( $200 to $250 )and oil,coolant etc Parts about $400 to $500 total plus labor 13.8 x $90 to $100 per hour. Looks like $1700 to $1900 but other parts might have been damaged hard to tell untill engine is removed and inspected.
This is too expensive! I've done rod bearings on multiple cars for as low as 200 bucks. all u need is rod bearings and 4 bottles of oil. crankshaft should be all good depending on how long u ran ur car with broken bearings. otherwise its a straight replacement.