Q: reoccurring check engine light on 2004 Pontiac Vibe

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Check engine light came on with code specific to Bank 1 02 sensor. Had that changed, month later light came back on again, same code. 02 sensor was replaced (in case of defectiveness)2 days later check engine light is on again. Heading in to have it read. IF the code comes back as Bank 1 02 sensor, does that mean the catalytic converter needs to be tested to see if it's triggering the error. I read previous q&a's and there was one that was suppose to link to a page discussing this but the link does not work.

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I don't have the setting written down anymore, since I thought I have fixed the problem, I know that from 2 shops and googling online it was the code specific to the front bank O2 sensor. The light has now went off before I was able to get it read. Car smelled gassy upon starting two times and various other times while sitting at stoplights.
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