Q: removing rear drums on 1996 Toyota Paseo

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how do you get the rear drums off? I have removed the tire and dust cap and backed off the star wheel, not sure if I need to remove center nut and bearing or if it's just rusted on there good.
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looks like the spindle nut has to be removed and you can see the hole in the drum here But pay attention how tight the nut was and the cotter key location
Thought that might be the case but didn't want to remove it if not neccessary. Thanks for the info and sights. Very helpful.
it should have two small holes on face of drum that are theaded for a 12 0r 13 milimeter bolt,which you theat into the holes which should loosen the drum so it will come off
I thought that but there are no holes in the drum, another suggestion was to remove the cotter pin and spindle nut so think i'll try that. Thanks anyway