Q: removing battery on 2010 Kia Soul

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How do I get the battery out of a 2010 Kia Soul? I have tried and I cannot see how it comes loose under the battery
(2) Answers
The removal of the battery is a harder than it needs to be. 1. Disconnect the cables. 2. There is some type of electrical component in black plastic right behind the battery. Use a 12 mm extended socket to remove 2 bolts that hold this component down. You have to look behind the battery, behind this black plastic box, and down connecting to the chassis of the car. 3. There is a black metal strap that bolts to the chassis of the car also. It is up and to the right of the battery. It is very visible. Remove this bolt. 4. Gently push back the black electrical component and the batter will be loose for removal.
There should be battery hold down plastic clips ((wo, one on each side) that need to be removed. You have to look carefully, it blends in with the battery and almost looks like a part of the battery. Good luck.

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